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    Tony S

    I was rummaging through an old project the other day.  You know, where you pick the rules, and spend enjoyable hours drawing up army lists and researching all the different manufacturers, gather painting info and then finally buy everything.  (I admit a lot of my projects never get to the “buy everything” stage, which is probably the reason why I’m still married).

    And I must admit that of those few projects that do make it to the “got lead” stage, not all of them ever get completed.  But now and again I feel vaguely guilty, or an old interest is reawakened, and I got downstairs and rummage through all my neatly packed and labelled boxes and think about actually restarting that old project years later.

    Anyway, quite often I look at the figures I’ve bought and realize that I have absolutely NO bloody idea what I was thinking when I got them!  Was I planning an entire army of cossacks, dragoons and grenadiers, because that’s what I seem to have!  Why do I have so few command figures?  Was I going to use 48 man battalions?   Wait a minute – am I a couple stands short for my Macedonian pikemen?   Huh – Samurai?  When did I get those?  And why?  The New Model Army in three different scales?

    *sigh*  It seems I am never capable of ordering a project just once.  I always have to put together a supplemental order for some reason.

    I’m damn lucky this is a hobby for me and not a job, otherwise I’d have been fired years ago!

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    Norm S

    It will be much less of a problem in the future. You will have a printer that prints out your figures, then another that paints them and another that bases them. You can imagine a project in the morning and by bedtime, a completed project.

    So instead of a room full of part started projects, you will have a room filled with every army from history in every scale!


    I recognise the syndrome.  My three attempts at a 15mm Macedonian Army means I have a Minifigs one unpainted, and Old Glory one half painted and an Essex one mostly painted.  Then I bought the stuff from QRF and Donnington which is now painted.  Eventually I will have three painted armies and I can play Successor Wars it’s only taken 30 odd years.

    On the plus side reviving abandoned projects is keeping me entertained.



    I find I find scenarios that fit my figures, I have a lot of old Warhammer so I lean towards fantasy, but all the castle etc will fit nicly for robin hood  or something,

    Darkest Star Games

    I’ve been here, and rather recently too.  Discovered I had ordered the same figure set 3 different times, and each pack had a note in it as to what the project was supposed to be.  None of them are the same project, nor do I even remember 2 of them!  There really are so many great figure line out there that sometimes I would buy some and make up a project for them just so they’d be slightly more useful than just decorations.   …and then forget about them!  Apparently old age memory problems set in very early with me…

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."


    Yup.  I hear you.  And I’ve just started my AWI project.  It’s not that it won’t get to the painting stage.  It’s that I wanted to start last night but found I had no time.  So hopefully tonight…before I run out of will to actually work on the project.

    I tend to not complete one task and then the next.  So I will paint a bunch of figures and then go back and plan some more.  Then go back to paint etc.  Sometimes I just paint to the scenario.  I also bounce between projects when I get tired of painting something.  I do usually come back.   Well, wish me luck in finding the time!




    "Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power."

    --Abraham Lincoln

    Olaf Meys

    Yeah, I know the feeling. I have part-purchased and part-finished projects from Ancients to WW2, with the occasional foray into Fantasy and Pulp, going back thirty years or more. After my stroke 10 years ago, my memory has started letting me down, so every so often I dig through and “rediscover” things and have a completely brilliant “eureka” moment. I consider it as the best part of the hobby. There is nothing like discovering a new interest, and I get to do that several times for the same thing!

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    I’ve not finished anything in this hobby. Even my original Airfix ACW expansion was scuppered when they dropped the artillery and cavalry packs.

    I actually find the planning stage fun as it’s all a glorious serious of eye-catching games in my head. It’s when it reaches the table that disillusionment creeps in.


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    It’s when it reaches the table that disillusionment creeps in.

    How come? What happens?



    Other people. I’ve got good sets of rules for every period I play – or rather played – but nobody else is interested. I’m too old and tired to be an evangelist so I gave up going to groups and, as I have neither the space nor inclination to go solo, my toys go straight into boxes in the loft. I’m happy to plan, sculpt, model & paint so I just imagine them being used – easier than dealing with wargamers!

    More nonsense on my blog: http://battle77.blogspot.com/

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