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    A preliminary notice that I just picked up a nicely painted and glossed collection- sort of one of everything (which means the command ratio is high) of true 25mm Napoleonics with a very few reaching the 28mm size they later become.

    Being in NZ it was easier to get these, so happy to pass on to others who want fill ins and commands- French/ British/ only a few Prussian and some as yet unknown models. Only about half a dozen are incomplete; only 1 broken sabre AFAIK.

    If someone beyond NZ wants them, well we’ll cost the freight later…

    Pics and details to follow…

    cheers davew

    PS- I’m keeping the Russians and most horses…

    Avatar photoOotKust

    Busy selling other stuff I forgot these.
    They are well painted 70’s vintage, if not accurately as we might; glossed; few defects seen.

    The French:

    Others- Prussian dragoons and Dutch-Belgian?? Smaller figs again so not sure they’re Hinchliffe at all.

    The British:

    Horses for reference- I’ll be keeping most- nearly all numbers in there…

    regds d

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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