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    Andrew Beasley

    Have you seen the Oldhammer fanzine here

    Even down the the true basing methods (green – bright green) and its free.

    I tried a search on herohammer-fanzine to see if this was here but the search came back saying it was spam but this is real 

    Thanks to OTT for the link.


    Yup. Mentioned it on my daily warhammer lore topic.

    It is pretty cool.

    Andrew Beasley

    Just got an email back from Ángel, they are planning to release a high-res printable version soon (no date though).

    Given the size and colour, I hope it’s via a print service else DoxDirect could well be getting more of my money!

    ian pillay

    Yeah was reading it last night. Book marked it for future. Really enjoy the older versions of WHFB, waiting with baited breath for GW take on the old world when the rerelease WHFB. I really hope they don’t drop the ball with it.



    That’s great!


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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