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    Avatar photoRhoderic

    For a while I’ve had this crazy idea: Doing at least one project in every scale/”size” that’s become established in wargaming, or at least in land wargaming (excluding naval, aerial and space). I might not ever get any of them finished, but honestly I’m perfectly comfortable doing this hobby in a way that has my ambition outstrip my abilities, and I would be quite happy just making at least some progress in each project. I’m also thinking that at least one project of each scale will be fantasy, sci-fi or some other fantastical genre, as this is where most of my interests lie.

    So, that’s some 10-16 different land-wargaming scales, depending on the granularity of one’s definitions. It’s a madman’s endeavour, but something that feels desirable to me all the same. I’ve found miniatures for the fantastical genres available in pretty much all of them.

    Thoughts? Rolling of eyes? Exasperated sighs?

    Avatar photoGuy Farrish

    Rolling of eyes? Exasperated sighs?

    Not at all!

    Now, now old chap, do sit down, come and have a nice hot cup of tea.

    Don’t worry if it tastes a little odd, you just need a little sleep and everything will feel better when you wake up.

    Avatar photoRhoderic

    You won’t take my miniatures away while I sleep, will you? They’ll still be there when I wake up? I need them, you see. I have… plans.

    Avatar photoMike Headden

    Rhoderic, you are a lunatic … but my kind of lunatic 🙂

    I have WW2 German armies in 2mm, 3mm, 6mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 28mm …. <blush>

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    Avatar photoDarkest Star Games

    I applaud your lunacy!

    As close as I have come to this sort of endeavor is having Vietnam stuff in 3mm, 6mm, 15mm, 20mm, a couple of 28mm figs (from back when I was testing scales) and a single M48A3 in 1/35 (based on my uncles tank from his 2nd tour there in the USMC in ’69) but I don’t know if that last one counts as a miniature?

    Now, I really do wish that some of the ranges that I love were made in multiple scale instead of just one.  For instance, I always thought DUST would have been cool in 6mm with all of those mechs and helos and planes, but there isn’t anything out there that matches up well enough…

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."

    Avatar photoGuy Farrish

    I realised a few years ago I had Napoleonics in 25mm (Hinchliffe and Minifigs from the 70s when I started), 15mm – mostly Minifigs, 12mm (I think? Hinchliffe System 12 anyone?), 10mm Bello wargames, 6mm Irregular and Baccus and 2mm Irregular.

    When I recovered I sold the 25mm, 15mm, 12mm, and 10mm, expanded the 6mm and converted the 2mm to ACW.

    I feel a lot better!

    Avatar photocmnash

    You won’t take my miniatures away while I sleep, will you? They’ll still be there when I wake up? I need them, you see. I have… plans.

    What miniatures?  Those weren’t the miniatures anyone was looking for ….


    I don’t think I’ll be qualified to comment on anyone’s projected project until I finish one of my own …  It is actually possible to finish a project, isn’t it?  That’s what you find at the end of a rainbow – a way to finish a project – isn’t it?


    Avatar photoRhoderic

    I should clarify that I for my part would not be striving to do the “same” setting/period in every scale. It’s not like I haven’t thought about it, but I don’t know of any setting I’m sufficiently interested in that’s available in an internally consistent way through all the scales.

    I mean, I could probably fudge a swords-and-sorcery, generic military sci-fi, VSF or Weird War II setting in almost every scale, but it wouldn’t really be one and the same setting in all of them. My prospective 35mm Dust Tactics mechs would be all different designs from my 15mm Gear Krieg ones, and neither would correspond with the converted sci-fi mechs in my 6mm Weird War II project, and so on.

    So, I’m just talking about doing at least one project in every scale, with no further stipulation that they be consistent with one another or, for that matter, that they all be different.

    Anyway, not that it’s been asked for, but here are my thoughts on how I, just for myself, want to proceed with this idea (keeping in mind that a few of the scales don’t come with many choices). This is going by the more granular categorisation of scales (for instance, having 15mm and 18mm separate, and 28mm and “heroic 28mm” likewise), and it’s taking into consideration my own subjective interest to only do fantastical settings for a start. Also keep in mind that I tend to favour fairly self-contained projects and impose strict scope-to-scale limitations (so nothing on the scope of massed battles in anything larger than 18mm, for instance), meaning no “mammoth” projects, nothing being done “in the grand manner”, and so on.

    2mm: I’m split between the whimsical sci-fi figures from GZG (from which I could make both a Star Wars-style project and a more generic military sci-fi one) and the VSF landships from Brigade Models (I already have many of the Aeronefs from their sister range).

    3mm: There’s a fair deal of sci-fi stuff available these days from Vanguard, Microworld and Oddzial Osmy / Magister Militum, in both generic and gothic styles, and I’m kind of itching to have all of it. I also have an idea for a Hyborian Age-style fantasy project using repurposed Magister Militum Ancients.

    6mm: Spoilt for choice. I already have several sci-fi projects going on (at the front of the queue is a generic microtanks project), and am wanting to take up classic Warhammer-esque fantasy, among other things.

    8mm: This one’s a bit off-the-wall, but as I’ve understood it, the Adeptus Titanicus re-launch will be in this scale. It’s an attractive game, but possibly out of my price range. Alternatively I could do a cheaper, non-gothic sci-fi mech project simply by redefining some mechs in an adjacent scale as 8mm. (I also know that the corresponding 1/200 is popular for historical/modern air wargaming, but I haven’t seen any sci-fi aircraft or spacecraft in that scale).

    10mm: A fair amount of stuff available for both fantasy and sci-fi. Dropzone Commander has been in my sights for a long time, and I’m hoping Hydra Miniatures is still intending to release Atomic Tank.

    12mm: I already have a Heavy Gear Blitz project, in which I’m heavily invested. If anyone is wondering, I really do think the 12mm of Heavy Gear Blitz is very noticeably a different scale to the 10mm of Dropzone Commander. I’ve seen people mix those ranges but it looks off to me.

    15mm: Spoilt for choice. I’ve got plenty of fantasy and sci-fi stuff of numerous flavours already, waiting to be painted. Spec-Sec anime-esque cyberpunk/mecha is at the front of the queue.

    18mm: Fairly spoilt for choice here as well, especially as some nominal 15mm ranges are really more like 18mm. My foremost extant project in this scale is Martian Empires.

    20mm: Somewhat slim pickings for non-historicals, non-moderns gaming, but I’d probably do post-apoc car wars, as some figures and conversion kits for cars in this scale are available from companies like Ramshackle Games. Splintered Light also has some cartoonish fantasy figures listed as 20mm that I like, and I’ve seen a smattering of other fantasy figures as well, plus the Dark Alliance 1/72 soft plastics of course. As an aside, I’ve seen a few people do cool-looking scratchbuild/conversion-heavy military sci-fi projects in this scale. I wish a good, full-fledged but self-contained range of near future sci-fi figures and vehicles was commercially available in 20mm – it would be the perfect theme for that scale.

    25mm (meaning “true 25s”): If I’m not mistaken, the lovely old Ral Partha Chaos Wars miniatures now remastered and remoulded by Iron Wind Metals are true 25mm. Another option could be the GZG Stargrunt range, including the vehicles now made by Daemonscape. There’s other options too, of course (which reminds me, I already have the Denizen Khiffs somewhere in the lead pile).

    28mm: Spoilt for choice, and then some. Most of the lead pile is 28mm already. At the front of the queue are Oathmark, Frostgrave / Ghost Archipelago, Oldhammer 40K and some pulp figures.

    30-32mm (or “heroic 28mm” or whatever): Spoilt for choice again. For one thing, I have my Antares project, and for another, I’m thinking of getting back into “current” 40K (the miniatures, not the ruleset / game system), and for yet another, there are all those boutique games like Alkemy and Bushido beckoning me to bankrupt myself.

    35mm (ish): I’ve recently noticed that, over a fairly short time, this scale has established itself surprisingly well, with numerous high-end ranges for various fantastical themes (many of them for popular media franchises) hitting the market in quick succession. I’m partial to Fallen Frontiers (as it’s relatively affordable by the upmarket standards of 35mm) and Dust Tactics (because it’s just that cool-looking), but am also keeping an eye on at least 8 other ranges I could name.

    40mm: While I don’t own anything in this scale yet, I’m not 100% certain that it’s noticeably different from 35mm. That’s because all the nominal 40mm figures I’ve found on the market are historicals, while most of the nominal 35mm ones are fantasticals, and I suspect the manufacturers of the former measure to the top of the head while those of the latter measure to the eyes. Still, in case I’m wrong and 40mm is noticeably larger (I’ll have to order some figures to see for myself), I’m thinking of getting around the dearth of fantasticals in this scale by converting a small number of medieval and ancient figures for a classic Prince Valiant-style low fantasy project, with a few old-fashioned monsters thrown in from other nominal scales. Alternatively, there’s plenty of classic, skirmish-conducive “Hollywood history” themes represented in 40mm, such as swashbucklers, Robin Hood, Old West gunslingers and chanbara-style samurai. Not quite fantasticals, but not quite historicals either.

    42mm: I’ve put this separate from 40mm, because the only two companies that I know to still make figures in this scale intentionally make them in a distinctly dated style that emulates the “toy soldiers” from the HG Wells “Little Wars” era (apparently 42mm was common back then, alongside 54mm). Irregular has a small Dan Dare-style retro sci-fi range in 42mm, and while I normally don’t go for so outdated a standard of sculpting quality, there’s something charming about the thought of gaming 1950s sci-fi with miniatures that look like they really might have been sculpted in the 1950s (note: I don’t actually know whether 42mm toy soldiers were still being made as late as that). My other, similar idea is to use Spencer Smith’s Little Britons figures (made for the fictional, very Little Wars-conducive “Great War in England in 1897”) with some quaint, low-key VSF conversions/scratchbuilds thrown in for additional fantasticality.

    54mm: While I would love to do an original Inquisitor project, I expect the figures are very rare and expensive on the second-hand market today, so it’s not going to happen. Instead, I’d probably just get some of those garish fantasy / sci-fi plastics from that Russian company (you know the one – Tehnolog or something like that?). They’re not without their own charm, in a toy-like, Saturday-morning-cartoon, over-the-top kind of way.

    Avatar photoThaddeus Blanchette

    I already have projects in 2mm (Napoleonics and ACW), 3mm (everything), 6mm (Napoleonics), 10mm (ACW), 15mm (fantasy and Quar), 20mm (Romano-Brits) and 28mm (also Quar).

    Only the three and six mm projects are active, however.

    We get slapped around, but we have a good time!

    Avatar photoGeof Downton

    I would love to do an original Inquisitor project … rare and expensive … so it’s not going to happen.

    I have several Inquisitor figures/conversions/oddities in various stages of being built/being painted/being dropped and come apart, but not beyond sorting out. If you are interested send me a PM, I’d love to see them completed and used rather than ignored!

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    Avatar photoDarkest Star Games

    I already have a Heavy Gear Blitz project, in which I’m heavily invested

      I “rediscovered” my pile of HG metal minis (I spent $300usd on a day they did a BOGO sale and have oodles of minis!!!!) the other day as well as all of the plastics form the HG KS.  If ever I build them I am sure I’ll have enough for like 15-20 gear cadres per side!  (not many striders though)


    Spec-Sec anime-esque cyberpunk/mecha is at the front of the queue.

      Yaaaay!  Do it!  Paint them! Show them off!  I wanna seeeeeeee thems!  (should have some new cars coming out soon.  Need to get a bus and Battle Armor transport printed too…)


    Ok dude, I believe you have surpassed lunacy, bypassed totally bonkers and gone straight to plaid!  (yup, Spaceballs!)  That’s a lot of different scales and projects.  I am in awe!

    Back before DUST got crazy popular I had started my own line of WWW2 mechs but stopped short of releasing any as I was moving too slowly to production and the DUST mechs looked a lot like the work I had already done (though my german mechs had 4 crew rather than just 1).  Might have to make some 6mm DUST mechs for personal use…

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."

    Avatar photoRhoderic

    In my defence, some of the projects I mentioned are still prospective. For instance, I haven’t even properly bought into any 3mm, 20mm, 35mm, 40mm, 42mm or 54mm ranges yet. There’s obviously a hobby-budget queue alongside a painting queue (although right now it’s looking like a rowdy lot of 54s might possibly be doing some queue-jumping, those big bullies! ).

    Also, I do try to rationalise many of my projects. With Heavy Gear Blitz, for instance, I’m no longer all that interested in using the official rules, so if I want to, I can get by using fewer figures with a more high-detail ruleset. Admittedly that doesn’t address the fact that I’ve got “too many” HGB figures (none of the Kickstarter plastics, though) and still intend to buy more, but that’s something of an anomaly and more to do with my undying love for the HG setting and the VOTOMS setting it emulates. I want to still be adding more painted miniatures to my HGB collection 20 years from now. With most of my projects, I see myself as being in an “investment” phase right now, and hopefully in a few years’ time I can scale back the rate of purchases and sit pretty on a hoard of miniatures I don’t have to worry about going OOP anymore. (I can hear you laughing, you know!)

    Incidentally, my Spec-Sec project is a perfect example of a project that aims to achieve much with only a small, self-contained collection of figures. I feel the range has been designed that way, and it’s part of the reason I like it so much (not that I’d hate more additions, mind!).


    I already have projects in 2mm (Napoleonics and ACW), 3mm (everything), 6mm (Napoleonics), 10mm (ACW), 15mm (fantasy and Quar), 20mm (Romano-Brits) and 28mm (also Quar). Only the three and six mm projects are active, however.

    You had to mention Quar, didn’t you? You had to mention Quar. I was better off not remembering there’s Quar 


    I already have a Heavy Gear Blitz project, in which I’m heavily invested

    I “rediscovered” my pile of HG metal minis (I spent $300usd on a day they did a BOGO sale and have oodles of minis!!!!) the other day as well as all of the plastics form the HG KS. If ever I build them I am sure I’ll have enough for like 15-20 gear cadres per side! (not many striders though)

    15-20 Gear cadres per side is also a recognised form of lunacy, you know… 


    Might have to make some 6mm DUST mechs for personal use…

    Aawww, don’t tell me that! 

    Avatar photoRhoderic

    By the way, if anyone knows of any instances of 75mm wargaming being done anywhere in the world, I hereby impose upon them an injunction never to tell me. Those Scale75 miniatures going for £30-£40 a pop would lay waste to my life…

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