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    I apologise that this is only tangentially related to wargaming, but it is about the history behind our games, as well as being a call for help.

    The World-Tree Project, based at UCC, Ireland, is a digital archive of material about the Vikings and reception of the Vikings. Its goal is to create a large learning and research resource that will be of use to everyone from kids to centenarians and of all levels of interest. Hopefully gamers will find material to inspire their armies, while teachers can draw on the material on the site to inspire their students. Also, if anyone on here is a teacher, perhaps you could contact us with ideas about what sort of material would be useful to you, so that we can put out calls for specific items that will help.

    The website is now live and ready for you to upload your favourite Viking-related resources: painting guides, photos of re-enactors and their kit, monuments or artefacts are all fair game, as are the contents of your ‘Vikings’ bookmark list, or links to articles about Vikings either on your blog or hosted on other sites. We’re interested in historical material and also material about the reception of Vikings in modern times, so there should be no shortage of things that can be uploaded. Check out the site to see what sort of things have already been uploaded. The scope of the project is very broad, so a lot of even not too closely related material is fair game.

    We can’t promise undying fame or a life celebrated in skaldic verse, but you will have our gratitude. And we might try the skaldic verse bit later if people are particularly prolific in contributing items!


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