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    Alya Sayer

    Hi guys I’ve already introduced myself on the introductions page, however I’m after a little advise today as I’ve set up an online shop through Etsy selling 28mm figures from a wide range of companies ( a policy that I’m still expanding on as we speak) however I was wondering if any of you would kindly take the time out to have a look at my shop and give me your honest opinions on every aspect of it? Please don’t hold back as even negative comments will help me to make this work.


    Thank you in advance for any advise you can give


    Angel Barracks

    Hi, as discussed elsewhere, my initial reaction is that they are more expensive than many regular gamers would expect.
    I think most gamers would expect to pay about £5.00 for a 25/28mm figure.
    I am sure others will chime in and echo some of the other things I said also..


    Wicked Wargames

    Hey There,

    I may be able to help a tiny bit. First up i should i say i run a full time painting business/ its obviously very different but similar enough in some ways that i might be able to adivse ya.

    i will probably cross over myself a lot but its worth noting upfront that sales, presentation, marketing, painting and everything goes hand in hand. if one part of the “scale” drops the others will go out of whack. Also i should say that i do work full time, pay rent and that with painting, but i by no means make a lot. So its worth noting that this advice comes from a good place and someone who is too struggling, this is advice from my own climb :).

    Sales are always linked to price and price in relation to the quality / quantity of things like this. Also presentation of the product, but you take wonderful photos and have a great white background. Your photography is better than mine and ive been doing it years.

    Your painting is lovely and i would definitely pay for it. I think perhaps the barrier with these items is the price mark itself, which is very high for individual items. To put it in context (value of paint job) i will be soon painting a sauron for £30 with the two gondorians in the box to. Thats a lot less than i imagine you would sell it for, and that quality is a little higher in level, not a lot but a little.

    I think that your paint jobs are worth every penny you deem, yet the implcation with your pricing is that this is or was perhaps a personal collection, these being models you presumably bought at full rate and such. This being so you seem to be pricing with that in mind, a “get my worth, get my money back and some for the paint job”, however your customers will not see this in most instances, but instead see a very expensive, very good quality paint job on a mini they could get themselves and save say £5 ish squid.

    So when you look at that £5 you realise that what in fact has happened is they’ve just paid you £5 to paint it for them but you have to glimmer your competition at this point. Although my service is not entirely related i will use it as a point of comparison for you 🙂 I charge about £4 for a job that is more or less similar to your models here. Although i achieve that look using inks and drubrushes. My other rate is one for £7 a model (these being 28mm rates) and that rate is much more detailed than the previous two, being your general style and my level 1. The reason i can charge that is because i take a good while on these models, incorperating a good few techniques.

    I should say i am not implying you don’t use different techniques or take your time, you can clearly see that you do and you have great highlighting techniques and in many instances you pay extra care to detail, however in others it seems to lack a little. Eowyn is a good example of this, here you have combined lovely warm and appropriate deep blue hues in a lovely manor with the other paints, but the face is blotchy, and its quite clear this is the case. Now this for instance could very well be paint from a prevoious paint job you couldnt get off, but the point really is that even if that was the case it shouldnt be so high, when there is such a clear flaw. Another note is that you dont ever seem to claim your paiting “pro” or “studio / display quality” which is lovely and modest of you because you have amazing skills and the more i look the more i love. But i do claim to be “tabletop quality” even though i often paint a little more carefuly. I may seem mean saying that but it does seem that generally across the board you do not thin your paint down much. the point being ading a label of professionalize to SOME LEVEL is sometimes helpful for critics and others to contextualize for “target” with your style. Yours may be to get a nice texture! we don’t know that 🙂

    Many people herald thinning paint as the be all and end all of painting, and its not, at all. But its neither difficult and you almost cant thin paint down enough. By your skill i imagine you work with different undercoats for your different “brightness” paint jobs. But it is always so important when your selling something for expensive (which i think i and many would believe you are) that people can blatantly see the level of care. Any single bit of clumsiness such as a scuffed metal cape with the bare metal showing or anything at all comes across as careless. And simply put (form my marekting course)” clumsy looks clumsy”. People will look “around” the limits of style most of the time, but if you want to get a steady and flowing stream of commissions and orders on pre paints (which is a great idea by the way, i would love to do pre paints!) then you must find a very cheap way to get the miniatures in bulk, perhaps buy citadel bulk job lots on ebay? Pick out the worthy stuff and sell on the rest? This way you can charge a lot less, and get a lot more business.

    I hope this helps.

    in bullet points
    – find a way to charge about half what you are. people are buying second hand minis from you with a set paint job and a set base scheme, they will not be very flexible on this.
    – Perhaps thin your paints a bit more, focus on steadying lines and other important details, or drop the details and charge less by doing more work. Workload vs output kinda thing.
    – try not to buy expensive minis liek games workshop resin heroes unless you are preapred for them to sit around after the price markup. People buy mainstream popular models for a reason, very little people truly get gw commissions done by others unless they’re a whole army kinda guy and cant be asked witht he whole thing.


    WWW.WICKEDWARGAMES.COM - The wargames company i run with a friend.


    I don’t think I have the need for reday made units what if they don’t meet the needs for my rules, maybe paintint to order would be best.?

    Alya Sayer

    Thank you for your time, I need to see if there’s a way to bring my prices down, then have a second look at everything I have in stock before I add anything new or expand my ranges.

    I must admit it is a bit of a shock as I was always lead to believe that I’m not charging enough for my figures and I’ve been put under pressure to up the prices despite other ‘pro painters’ on etsy having highter prices, but changes will be made in the next few weeks




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