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    Avatar photoJose Manuel Moreno

    Greetings friends!!

    In last days ONUS is moving fast!! The 36k and 38k SG has been unlocked.

    There are good news regarding to deck boxes. This addon will have 7 boxes instead of 6. We add the Macedonian one free. The final measurements of the deck boxes are 3.7×0.7×2.4″ (95x18x61mm) and 300gr. In terms of unit cards. Within the boxes fit 45 cards with no sleeves (recommended) and 30-35 with sleeves.

    Here you have 2 new SGs. Will they be unlocked?

    42K SG: For the G&P expansion the general Epaminondas of Thebes. He defeated the Spartans several times; For the S&F expansion we have trenches, allowing us to have shelter against cavalry and that can´t be cross by siege machines.

    We include the ‘Athens vs Sparta campaign’ with 6 scenarios of the main ground battles among them. And 3x Macedonians Prodromoi, light cavalry with lances, that were mainly explorers but could also charge.

    44k SG: For the G&P expansion the Spartan king Agesilaus II, that fought against Epaminondas of Thebes several times; For the S&F expansion ‘Rise of Macedonia’ campaign with 5 scenarios ending with a battle in India. Battles of Philip II and Alexander. And mountains tokens. They can´t be climbed and we can’t do ranged attacks through them. And the king Darius III that fought against Alexander.

    And finally we show you the Athenian Hoplites, with the official asking for help to the Gods.

    Avatar photoJose Manuel Moreno

    Greetings friends!!

    A new SG is unlocked. The 40k one that includes villages to occupy with our armies and barricades to make  difficult the movement through the battle field. The Athenian General Demosthenes for the  G&P expansion and just for backers 5x Macedonian Psilois.

    Thank you for your support!!

    Avatar photoJose Manuel Moreno

    Finally the Gladiators are with us. Will they fight with or against the Romans?

    The 42k and 44k SG are unlocked.

    We have Epaminondas in the G&P expansion, commanding Thebes troops. A 6 scenarios Athens & Sparta campaign during the Peloponnesus War in the S&F expansion. And 3x Prodromoi within the Macedonians.

    On the other side we have unlocked too the Spartan General Agesilaus II, mountains for our battle field and The Rise of Macedonia campaign including 5 scenarios with Philip II, Alexander or Darius III

    We add a 46k SG. In this way we have 3 centuries within ONUS base game and expansions. We include the Macedonian King Philip V. He battled against several  polis and against Rome after becoming Hannibal´s ally. We can put Carthaginians and Macedonians together and play the awesome Macedonian Wars campaign (214-168 BC) that will be inside the S&F expansion.

    And just for backers 2x Macedonian Agrianians. An amazing elite light infantry  unit. They are quite skilled in surpassing terrain obstacles. They have a powerful  attack, with javelins and axes, although their defensive values are not  so good.

    We shouldn´t miss them!!!

    Avatar photoJose Manuel Moreno

    Greetings friends!!

    This project will be live just for some more hours. We made an effort to give you a new SG as many people is asking for it.

    We want to give freedom to Spartacus, so he can command a slaves and gladiators army, to fight against the Romans and be able to get to the north of Italy and achieve his freedom!

    We will help him with a new mercenary unit, the Cimbri Warriors, Germanic soldiers that fought against the Romans. Many of them were captured and enslaved. Spartacus will be able to lead Gauls, Germanics, civilians and Iberians. He will have a special skill to be able to surprise Romans. The campaign will have at least 4 scenarios.

    We depict the Sparabaras archers (4x). They are Persian troops with the accuracy skill. They were usually helped by spearmen so they could shoot easily to the enemy.

    Avatar photoJose Manuel Moreno

    Crazy day today. ONUS is everywhere thanks to all of you!!!! 46k and 50k SGs unlocked, Spartacus with us….

    Last SG includes:

    – Greek mercenaries: 2x Thessalian Cavalry. Heavy cavalry. The riders carried lances and fought similarly to phalanxes but using a rhomboid formation. Very interesting for fighting along with the Macedonians.
    – Persia: 2x Kardakes. Professional heavy infantry. The Kardakes took part in the battles of Issus and Gaugamela.
    – Mercenaries: 2x Parthian Cataphracts. Heavy cavalry. Both horses and riders wore a heavy full plate. They were very slow but once engaged in combat quite difficult to defeat. They are like small elephants.

    Within the Scenery & Fortresses expansion we include caltrops. They are very dangerous for horses and infantry units stepping over them. Special rules will come with them.

    And finnaly we have a last minute fancy add-on: coasters (1 per faction) full color, laminated 6×6 cm for only 9$

    Thank you all for your support!!!

    Avatar photoJose Manuel Moreno

    Greetings friends!

    A ONUS! pledge manager is actived now.


    You can use this pledge manager for:
    – If you didn’t buy ONUS but you are still interested in it, you can buy it now using this pledge manager.
    – You can add any rewards or add-ons to your Kickstarter pledge
    – If you have any issues when paying with your card, please contact us to solve them as you can also pay through the Pledge Manager
    – If you choose more than one option you have to ‘click’ all of them to be able to pay them via Paypal.

    So this Pledge Manager is meant to be for adding new addons to your pledge, to give a solution for Kickstarter payment issues and for late arrival people that couldn´t pledge during the campaign.

    A future PM will be done, in which we will ask you for the delivery address, inform you about the shipping costs and ask you what you exactly pledged for during KS.

    About shipping, we will do another Pledge Manager in the future informing you about the costs. It will be somee time before we ship the rewards.

    Thank you again for your support and your help!!

    Best regards,

    Jose Manuel

    Avatar photoJose Manuel Moreno

    Greetings friends!!

    There are 90% of the backers that has sent us the KS survey duly filled in around 10 days. We sent today the stores survey. Please, if you didn´t do it yet take some minutes and send us your survey.

    Furthermore we depict some of the generals’ illustrations. Do you know who is who? We wait for your comments 🙂

    We are almost done with the 2nd edition rulebook (60 pages). In a few days we will send it to the printer so we can focus on finishing with the expansions.

    Regarding the playmats, we have been doing some playtesting on them and it is awesome. All of you that pledged for 2 of same type can ask us to send them uncut so you can play a big battle on a 150x75cm one or cut it in two if you want.

    Here you have a video of our illustrator working on the Theban general Epaminondas.


    Merry Christmas and happy new year!!

    Avatar photoMike

    Thanks for the update.

    Avatar photoJose Manuel Moreno

    Hi friends!

    We are working hard in Onus! and here there is an update about all the news we have:

    – We are currently producing the 2nd edition of the base game in both languages. Printers do not stop!

    – The illustrations of the 22 Generals and 36 units belonging to the new armies (Athens, Sparta, Macedonia, Persia and Greek mercenaries) are done

    – The G&P expansion is tested and finished, but for the rulebook´s formatting

    – Both the add-ons and the artbook are in the printing queue

    – We are focused on the T&F expansion at the moment. There will be a 100 pages campaign book with 6 campaigns and more than 40 settings (including Spartacus’). We are testing the new siege rules and finishing the illustrations and counters.

    Avatar photoGuy Farrish

    Where will I be able to buy the English language version of the base game?

    Avatar photoJose Manuel Moreno

    Where will I be able to buy the English language version of the base game?


    The game is at printing now. We are going to open a final pledge manager soon. If you are interested, you can send to me by private message your email and we will send you an email as the same as backers to order the game at the pledge manage if you want.

    Thank you for your interest!

    Avatar photoJose Manuel Moreno

    Greetings friends!!

    ONUS and its expansions are almost here!!! Not later than May-June. In a few weeks you will receive an email with the final Pledge Manager so you can pay the shipping costs, add any last minute wish and balance any differences between what you paid and you ordered according to the KS survey. In some cases you paid more, in some less. But don´t worry, you will receive a personalized email.

    The illustrations are done, the base game has been produced and the Greeks & Persians expansion and ADD-ONs are being produced at this moment.

    We are working in the Scenery & Fortresses rulebook and the campaigns book.

    There are some good NEWS. Or excellent news 😉 The main components of the Scenery & Fortresses expansion will be done in FLAT plastic and not in cardboard. It is a bit more expensive for us but you won´t pay more. It is a thick, transparent and strong plastic that will allow us to see what we have below (playmat, table,….). During the testings we could check that the aerial view is much better for bridges, walls, rivers,…

    Best regards!!

    Avatar photoJose Manuel Moreno

    Hi friends,

    We are negotiating the shipping costs with several agencies.

    In a few days we will send an email to backers with payment, pledge, shipping costs details and the option to add any last minute extras to their pledge.

    This final PM will be live for around 1 month and we expect start shipping in June!!

    I’ll keep you informed in order to those gamers interested in Onus that don’t take part on the Kickstarter campaign can pledge now, in this last PM before shipping.

    Thank you!

    Avatar photoJose Manuel Moreno

    Greetings friends!

    Our final pledge manager is open!!

    At this link you pledge for the base game, and/or expansion packs and some addons:

    So, this is te last chance to get the game for all interested gamers that don’t pledge during the KS campaign.

    Please take into account that out of Spain you have to add shipping costs to the prices shown.

    This pledge manager shall be open during a month.

    Thank you!!

    Avatar photoJose Manuel Moreno

    Hi Warriors,

    If the printer is not delayed we will ship the pledges during late May or early June. We are having everything double checked by American native speakers.

    We depict some designs of the Terrain&Fortresses expansion. We hope you like them! 🙂

    Avatar photoJose Manuel Moreno

    Hi friends,

    Less than 10% of backers have not yet updated their PM2 data. We are glad about it and hope the figure goes down to zero soon.

    You will receive, in a few days, an email with all the info related to your pledges and delivery issues.

    Regarding the game, everything is being edited at the moment, but T&F and base game rulebooks and the Campaigns Book, which are being reviewed in their English version.

    We will split the delivery by languages. The Spanish material will be delivered, approximately, by the end of May and the English one a couple of weeks later.

    In an upcoming update we will depict some of the new components already printed.

    Avatar photoJose Manuel Moreno

    Greetings friends!

    Here you can find rulesbook in both language (English & Spanish).


    Avatar photoJose Manuel Moreno

    Greetings friends!

    All the pledges in Spanish have been already delivered. Last week we finished with the translation double checking and sent the rulebooks to the printer. All the rest is in our warehouse.

    We have positive feedbacks from the backers that received their pledges. They are delighted with the playmats, the Flat Plastic components of the Terrain&Fortresses expansion and the 112 pages Campaigns Book. Some of them recorded an ‘Unboxing’ and we are starting ‘how to play’ demos in spanish stores.

    We hope we will start delivering the English pledges by the end of June.

    Here you can see some pics of a 3 vs 3 battle (6 players). Persians and Mercenaries in one side. Athenians, Spartans and other Greeks in the other. Leonidas, Themistocles and Epaminondas were able to cross the river but the Partian Cataphracts did it as well by their left flank, overrunning the light infantry…A great battle!

    Thanks for your patience!

    Avatar photoJose Manuel Moreno

    The shipments of ONUS! are arriving and supporters are getting their first hands-on experiences. Here you have some examples from a gamer: https://goo.gl/photos/vfSuqvhuAQ7mFCRJ9

    If you are interested in buying a copy of ONUS you can contact us here or visit our web http://onusgame.com/juego/en/

    On the other side, we would also point out that Draco is now kickstarting another cool game with cards (a WW2 game called “2GM”): https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dracoideas/2gm-tactics-wargame-and-expansions?ref=forum_ONUS

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