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    Avatar photoVictoria Dickson

    I’m trying my hand at making a terrain board, it’s all going quite nicely.  It’s for an alien planet, sort of sandy terrain, some rocky bits, a large crater in the middle.  I’ve just glued the sand on and stand back to admire my work, feeling quite proud of how it’s looking.  I decide to make a celebratory cup of tea, and pick my mug up.  Turns out it wasn’t empty after all, goes all over the terrain board, which now seems to have a lake in the middle of a swamp…

    So, to make me feel like I’m not alone in this, anyone want to share any of their oops moments? 


    Avatar photoPaul

    And all you said was “oops”? I would have said another word. Also four letters though ☺

    I had a trip to the ER in the middle of the night for a few stitches when the first inch or so of my thumb and nail lost a fight with a craft knife.

    Other than that, I have dropped a lovingly scratchbuilt feudal Japanese building and also found the casualties after my son got hold of my Black Hat Green Martians

    Those are brave men knocking at our door. Let's go kill them!

    Avatar photoMcKinstry

    Grabbed the can of matte sealant spray to put the final coat on an 18 figure unit that only took about 18 full hours to paint. Only one problem. Due to aggravated brain flatulence, it wasn’t clear matte sealer, it was white primer.



    The tree of Life is self pruning.

    Avatar photoMr. Average

    I went to prime a set of tanks.  Safety first, of course – respirator, goggles, drop cloth, ventilating fan.

    Didn’t realize the nozzle was reversed.  Painted my own goggles and half my respirator white. Some of my hair, too – fortunately I shave my head and was due for a trim anyway.


    Avatar photokyoteblue

    I dropped a box that had a fully painted New Kingdom Egyptian in 15mm  for DBM with all the Chariots………

    Avatar photoJust Jack

    Most of my ‘oops’ have to do with me sticking an X-acto knife into some part of my body.

    I’ve also had my kids break all the wheels off some 6- and 8-wheeled vehicles, pry the magnets off some of my 1/600 aircraft, and drop some 10mm bases on the ground, KO’ing them.

    And one time I had a platter full of 10mm bases lined up to be spray matted, and I gave them a nice coat of white spray primer…



    Avatar photoNorm S

    Thumb slightly over the edge of a metal rule when the craft knife ran down the ruler.

    Playing a hex and counter game, saw the hand of My daughter reach up onto the table and take one of the beautiful cavalry unit counters. By the time I got out of the seat and around the table, the counter was in her mouth and chewed!


    Avatar photoCerdic

    Look at it in a positive way. A tea coloured wash can give a great natural look to a piece!

    Avatar photozippyfusenet

    Not an ‘oops’, but an ‘oh %$@#&*!’. For no reason I can identify, two of our five cats started a whizzing contest in my library. Several of the lower shelves got hit bad. I completely lost at least a dozen volumes of wargame rules, Ospreys, you name it. I salvaged many other volumes with minor ‘water damage’. There’s an enzyme solution that kills the smell, but you can see that the paper has been soaked with *something*. I can’t lock them out, my library/game room/workshop is the finished half of our basement; their proper litter boxes are in the old coal cellar, they have to pass through. I tried everything I could think of to break them of the behavior, but they still do it from time to time when they’re quarreling. I won’t get rid of the cats, I like them better than I like most of my family. I’ve wound up duct-taping heavy plastic sheeting around every bottom shelf in the room, to block the streams of cat pee. And I clean up after the little monsters. Really, most of my family causes me more trouble than that, and makes more mess. Really.

    You'll shoot your eye out, kid!

    Avatar photoGuy Farrish

    Are they neutered?

    Never had a neutered cat behave like that – and it doesn’t hurt at all as long as you remember to keep your fingers on the side of the bricks.

    Avatar photozippyfusenet

    Oh yeah, they’re neutered. But these trouble makers are girls. Much worse than the boys in their dominance contents.

    You'll shoot your eye out, kid!

    Avatar photoThe Gorb

    @zippyfusenet – Ewwwwww!  I have two cats and with luck they will eventually pass away quickly, quietly and without pain.

    Most of my ‘oopsies’ involve a slip of the xacto knife as described by ‘Just Jack’, though I had one episode of a can of spray primer spit out chunks of primer rather than a fine spray.  Off to a two week soak in Simple Green with that unit for a good two week soak and brush cleaning.

    Regards, The Gorb

    Left Hand Miniatures
    Graydon Gorby, Owner

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