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    A very half-assed recreation of Operation Mole Cricket 19.

    I’m gonna make a somewhat more accurate version once the F4 is released.

    This was was mostly to contine getting the feel for the winwing MFSSB stick.


    A dozen F-16s and F-15s fly cover in Beqaa Valley while 2 flights of 4 F-16s go for SA2s and SA3s. About 20 MiG21s and MiG23s. Old school short range furball with missiles ensures. Lots of missiles and lots of explosions in the air.

    The F16s and F15s are two modern, I’ve given them period correct weapons, and while I can forgo using the high tech sensors the AI won’t. So they’ll cheat.

    The coolest part is that Beqaa Valley is Beqaa Valley, often in DCS you have to find analogue places. But the entirety of Lebanon is modeled on the Syria map.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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