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    Following up from here:

    Perry Rhodan

    I offer, for those with time to kill over the weekend, a more recent Perry adventure:

    The link is to the last episode, so you can skip the preliminaries and leap into the final space and land battles, but links to the others are in the description.

    I recommend viewing at highest resolution.

    Frank Ryan

    OK, my German is crap but I enjoyed the episode regardless. Wunderbar! And a little research shows the Perry Rhodan universe is fairly well known https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perry_Rhodan (even George Lucas was apparently influenced by the Spaceship designs).

    Have a great day, Foxtrot


    Glad you liked it, my friend! (smile)

    OK, seriously, you can see more in the earlier post I linked to above, where you’ll find more background on Perry, as well as the animator, Raimund Peter, both generously provided by Thorsten Frank, who I thank once again for his German perspective.

    And I repeat what I said there: these are fan-made, not professional productions, making them all the more impressive. IMO.

    ian pillay

    Glad you liked it, my friend! (smile)

    Now I am worried. There is only one person who signs off exactly like that….. Tango is that you ????




    Trust science, not the scientists.


    Hah hah!

    Hey — wha’ happened to the emojis?!


    I know(?) you’re joking, but just to set minds at rest, no, I’m not Tango.

    I kept my handle from that other forum, ’cause I like it.

    Among other reasons. (smile)


    If you want to take a break from painting, over the lockdown weekend, here’s an additional Perry adventure:


    Ho-hum — another weekend at home, a couple more short Perry clips:


    And a couple more:

    This one has a translation of the introductory narration in the description.

    None for this, I’m afraid:

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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