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    So I am doing the 6×6 challenge laid down by Kaptain Kobold (play 6 different games each 6 times).  I had some possibilities organised but this month I have got completely distracted from that list.  I used an old boardgame – Imperator – and wrote some ancient rules for 8×8 grids based of the units in the game.  They are slightly similar to my existing Ancient rules – Ancients Battlelines Clash – but simpler and for grids.  Anyway, I played the first scenario in the game set in the Middle East in 1700BC and generated 12 battles I played on the 8×8 grid.  It was loads of fun playing, writing the rules and also completing a 20 year side project.  To read how it all came about, the replay of the scenario, sieges, battles and a more detailed verdict on the game then head to this blog post:


    I still need to tidy up the rules a little but will then post them sometime later.

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