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    Loosely based on the final battle as requested.

    I tried against 6 Ace AI “MiG-28s” and well you see the result at the start of the video…

    Even against 6 Veteran AI it was a crap shoot if I survived or not.


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    The helmet was a nice touch.

    That was exciting.
    Seems like round 4 had everyone going down all of a sudden.
    How easy was it to search and ID targets with VR set? I think you locked on to a friendly at least once?

    I think it was Strike Fighters that I played, the AI did pretty well covering each other, but I still had to tell them to clear my tail though.


    I locked a friendly a few times. But did avoid firing on them(but not during one of matches against Ace AI. I shot down one of the 14s. And so lost all my medals…

    It’s quite hard to see. Surprisingly so given the F14 is like 3 times the size of an F-5 during the first turn, I just lock on an fire at the first two I can pick up with the sidewinder hoping to cull the hurd, knowing the two other F14s shouldn’t be able to get there at that time.

    After that I’m down to the Sparrows, while I do need to keep radar lock with them. They can bend surprisingly well.

    I know the Sparrows aren’t very highly thought off. But they do have their uses.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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