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    Jonathan Gingerich

    I have a Paintier 80 which I like a lot. The product should be fairly familiar. It’s a 2 or 4 tray spinning stand, with each tray cleverly sculpted to nestle 15 craft paint size bottles or 30 Vallejo style, or various numbers between, along the edge.  By displaying the whole bottle, you can quickly pick out the color you need, and 4 high, it has a reasonable footprint, and really cleans up your table. It is a bit pricey, but then a couple hobbyists in Michigan sank a bunch of money into injection molds for their really good idea, so more power to them.

    Anyway, I’ve filled by to the max, and I am looking for more room.  I was excited to discover that they sell an extension kit to make it a 5 or 6 tier stand.  Unfortunately, it really didn’t work out for me.  First, maybe I got the wrong parts, but the threaded rods that hold it all together were just a shade too short or too long in every combination to work.  Nothing a Dremel couldn’t cure, but when I did get it all together, it was just too wobbly for me to feel comfortable about, either with 6 or 5 trays.  So the extension kit is back to storage – I will be able to convert a Paintier 40 to an 80  down the road, so not a total loss.

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