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    Avatar photoNorm S

    Painting and using the Perry TravelBattle

    Having painted my set, I have done a blog post that offers some observations on both painting and the rules.


    Avatar photoVictoria Dickson

    Very nice painting, the battlefield looks amazing the way you have done it. 🙂

    It sort of has a video game look to it, if that makes any sense.

    Avatar photoGeneral Slade

    Very nicely done.  I agree with Victoria the battlefield looks great.

    Avatar photoJust Jack

    That’s looks absolutely fantastic, Norm!  I’m a sucker for ‘battlesets.’  I don’t know why, but there’s just something in my psyche that loves the idea of buying one box that has everything I need in it.  I certainly don’t need this, but you’ve made it look awful tempting, thanks for posting.


    Avatar photowillz

    Cheers for an interesting and informative post Norm.

    Avatar photoJohn D Salt

    I suspect the dread hand of Autocorrect is responsible, but the follwing sentence left me strangely baffled:

    “Much is made of this being a travel game, especially from those that cuticles the purpose.”


    All the best,


    Avatar photoNorm S

    Thanks all, I think the high ground has particularly been handled well by the sculptors, functional, yet aesthetically good – (not all hills are made equal, even on 2D boardgame maps!). The texture on the board also seems just right and is very painter friendly.

    John, thanks for the spot – yes autocorrect assassinated what was no doubt a beautifully constructed description, but now is beyond my memory, but I think I was essentially referring those ‘critical’ of its intended purpose – so I have settled for that 🙂


    Avatar photoPatG

    Great job. It really improves the look of the game.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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