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    Avatar photoRadar

    I have a town’s worth of Hovels buildings (15mm resin) many of which have thatched rooves. I’ve painted them up, and whilst I am happy with the buildings I am not so happy with the thatch. Or rather my attempt to paint it.

    I went for a Coat d’Arms golden yellow wet brush over a Liquitex burnt umber base coat, with a very heavy Coat d’Arms dark brown wash. Pics on my blog – which make them look worse than they actually are, and also very shiny (in real life they are matt finish, also apologies I struggle linking pics into here when I use my phone)

    So what paint schemes have you used for thatch (pics please or links)? I could really do with some inspiration, or I could just shamefully copy your colour scheme. Thanks

    Avatar photoCerdic

    For some reason, most people have the idea that thatch is a golden yellowy colour. Probably because of the hay/straw connection!

    That may be true for new thatch, but after a few months it actually turns grey. I would experiment with starting with a very dark grey base coat, a couple of dry brush coats of dark grey, followed by a light dry brush of brown. Seemed to work OK on 6mm buildings….

    Avatar photoDarkest Star Games

    I don’t have any pix to link to due to the photobucket thing, but I generally did my newish thatch using Vallejo with either middlestone or brown sand as the base, hit it with either a dark brown or dark grey ink, then dry brushed with khaki, and my “old thatch” I did with grays.

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."

    Avatar photoRadar

    Thanks for the replies.

    Yes I know I got sucked into the thatch is yellow wormhole. I was trying for a brown/grey, so no idea how I thought golden yellow would equate to brown/grey.

    I was thinking of maybe a dark brown basecoat (for depth), with a mid grey wet coat, nuln oil wash and something like a linen highlight (very light dry brush)?

    But the dark grey ink idea has thrown it into question.

    Tomorrow could be a day of experimentation…

    Avatar photoRadar

    After a few failed attempts I have hit upon the following recipe (which seems alright, but needs a matt varnish finish – waaaaay too shiny at the moment).

    RailMatch worn tarmac base ( a mid grey), heavy drydrush with Foundry  Moss 29bB, then a coat of Windsor and Newton nutbrown ink.


    Done a couple of trial pieces, happy to redo all my thatched buildings this way but I’ve been sidetracked with two packs of TimeCast ploughed fields and have used up all my W&N nutbrown ink.

    Avatar photoRadar

    Well I took the plunge and have redone all of my thatched buildings. Strangely they came out differently – the Peter Pig buildings which were my test pieces I was happy with straight away. The Hovels buildings, which have a very different style of thatch sculpting needed darkening with black ink, which was wiped off to give a grey look. Pictures on my blog here

    You’ll also find the new TimeCast latex fields too.


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