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    Lagartija Mike

    A few days ago at work I managed to drop a 200lb+ engine on my good hand from a surprisingly painful mere half a foot or so. After a few days cast up and living with a throbbing red pound of gristle for a paw I was just informed this morning that even with surgery I’m likely to lose the more delicate operation of my fingers. One of the more trivial but vexing problems with this is I suspect the quality of my painting’s going to drop down a very black hole.

    Can anyone recommend a good painter or painting service, preferably not a Ceylonese sweatshop where they’re payed in cans of Diet Mr. Pibb.


    Ouch, that doesn’t sound too cool. Hopefully the doc is wrong and your painting hand recovers. Sorry, though, never used a painting service so can’t recommend anybody.

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    Lagartija Mike

    I’ve never used one and I’d like to think ultimately I won’t need to but I’d rather pay than have a few hundred ranks of discolored gobbs.


    Let me know as well, I have a few hundreds of WW1 French infantry I need painted….er here in the USA that will take a check or money order…..I’m old damn it !!!

    Northern Monkey

    sorry not familiar with any US painting services, but as Paul says your hand isn’t necessary a write off painting -wise, I severed the tendons in my painting hand and was told that despite it being sewn back together it was unlikely that I would have full control, yet I have had no problems with it (he says touching wood!) turns out typing is a really good form of physio

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    Otto Schmidt

    Dear Mike

    That’s a tragedy!  What scale? If you wish I can try my hand at painting a hundred or so for you.




    Lagartija Mike

    Thanks, NM that’s good to hear because the grizzled gnome who delivered the verdict this morning seemed pretty certain. Thanks for the offer Otto, I’m strictly 28mm except for Interwar and SCW stuff in 1/72 but I’m just vetting painters right now until I see what happens with my hand. Btw I’m not limited to US services/artists. I’ll happily ship overseas.


    Sorry to hear about the hand, that is poop.

    Try Glenbrook Games

    Lagartija Mike

    Thanks, Mike. I’ll check them out.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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