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    Avatar photoAngel Barracks

    Do you have different styles/standards depending on what you are painting?

    I tend to do my character models to a better standard than my rank and file types.

    Avatar photoThuseld

    I am with you there. If I have an individual on a base, who will be one of a kind, I will put much more care into that miniature.

    If I have a few strips of figures to paint, or a bunch of grunts based up on a few stands, then I will go into full production line mode and keep it simple. Three or four colours, a wash, a drybrush, done.

    Avatar photoDeleted User

    Every single figure of mine is painted to the same remarkable standard.

    ……there might be some disagreement as to the meaning of “remarkable” though…..



    Avatar photoAlan Hamilton

    My collections of model soldiers spans over 55 years of wargaming and so the standards of painting vary considerably!  The earliest are Airfix Infantry Combat Group ans WW2 Germans – the uniforms are the base colour of the plastic and the details are in gloss enamels.  My best were probably painted about 10 years ago.  Now most are painted to a nice standard without too much detail for rank and file – basic colours, wash and dry brush – and this works very well for the majority of figures.  Some that are particularly nice figures or special characters with the best standard of all those is on those that have been given to me as presents.

    Large monsters tend to get quite a good paint job.  No particular reason.

    My objective is to get adequately painted models into action as fast as possible.

    Avatar photocmnash

    Every single figure of mine is painted to the same remarkable standard. ……there might be some disagreement as to the meaning of “remarkable” though….. donald

    As are mine … although I think ‘remarkably average’ is the kind of remarkable I think I should use …


    Avatar photoOB

    Now and then I do, but not just command figures.  Sometimes if I really like a figure I’ll take a lot of time painting it.


    Avatar photoirishserb

    I don’t really embrace the idea of a “standard” when painting figs.  The quality of the paint is a function of how much I like the fig, and whether it is a “good karma” day or not.

    It takes me hours to produce a really nice fig, and I just don’t have enough free time.  So I paint pretty crap-ily

    Avatar photoOldBen1

    I am such a rudimentary painter.  It’s interesting to talk to people about glazes and washes.  I wish I had the time and skill.

    Avatar photoAutodidact-O-Saurus

    At the beginning of a project I tell myself that I’m spending less time on the line troops. But once I’ve got brush in hand I just can’t do it. I keep paining until satisfied and that’s why my projects are slow, slow, slow and often never result in an actual game.

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    Avatar photoLes Hammond

    As I’ve added to my armies, I’ve painted the infantry the same way I did when I was 13. It was either that or bin it, which I wasn’t prepared to do.

    Vehicle standards have improved a bit with dark wash, highlights & matt varnish but that’s it.

    6mm France 1940


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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