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    Robey Jenkins

    This is very much going to be a “a bit of everything” sort of plog, as I reach, scavenger-like, for whatever takes my fancy.

    So let’s start off with some Maelstrom’s Edge:

    Then some AT-43

    Then some Hasslefree, for a nice EWOp/Sapper type:

    And a UNA Fire Toad re-painted as an experimental Defence Mech:



    Very nice, really like the work on the fire toad.


    I must learn how to chip models, looks cool.

    Katie L

    You can get good results without having to go overboard by picking a contrasting tertiary colour and just running the brush sideways irregularly across corners, edges and prominences. So for (say) green tanks, you pick a neutral grey. Yellow models look good with a chocolate brown.

    The main trick is not to overdo it — every so often, stop, put the model down and leave it a day before thinking about doing any more.

    There’s an alternate approach which is to start with the rust; do a coat of dark brown, tin, orange inks, orange washes, very light silver drybrush and then do the main colour; when you get to the rust section, you “dab” the paint over the border to get a mottled transition.

    It depends if your model is to be mostly-painted or mostly-rusted…


    Buy a bunch of cheap plastic toy tanks. I found some packs on Amazon that were six quid and each included 4 tanks (and the hundreds of figures and other bits and bobs went to my nephew along with a couple of the commanders painted up in historical uniforms and put in little presentation boxes[1].)

    These are great for practicing airbrushing, trying out cammo patterns and wash/rust/chipping effects and so on.



    [1] Cos I am an awesome aunt. He’s 4. He doesn’t appreciate this.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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