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    Sure, whats the worst that could happen.

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    Hi Tim. On the Flames of War Website one of their briefings shows late war PzIV H schemes, including one for Winter 43-44 showing white wash over an all Dunkelgelb scheme, and one for Itally September ’43 with just Dunkelgelb overall:



    'Blessed are the peacekeepers, for they shall need to be well 'ard'
    Matthew 5:9

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    Lots of 21st panzers in 1944 were painted plain yellow, I have about 15 panzer IVs painted in plain German yellow what I do is just paint the side skirts with camo, it saves time.  I would have thought many vehicles would be painted plain yellow 1944 – 1945, shortage of paint and time.  Given the choice of painting one colour or three colours I know what I would choose, more time for sleep, food, beer.

    You can always add foliage to enhance disguise.



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    Hi Tim, Until late 1944 (? August, when factories switched to applying the camo) all panzers came from the factory painted dunkelgelb (& before that panzergrau), with the brown and green paints supplied as paste to be made up and applied by the crew, or by the unit workshop, if they had the time.  As such it’s quite feasible that some eg replacement vehicles would have remained in a monochromatic scheme.  There’s a couple of PzIVH in this link that are plain yellow, although they look like factory shots http://www.lexikon-der-wehrmacht.de/Waffen/Bilderseiten/Unterbilder/Panzer4H.htm & the one shown here http://www.colleurs-de-plastique.com/forums/showthread.php?38104-Panzer-IV-Ausf-J-H looks like it could be, although that may be due to a whitewash over the top. Some more in service here http://www.panzerphotos.com/pz-kpfw-iv


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    You might find this useful as it explains the various stages of German tank camouflage painting:


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    You risk your opponent being able to call your armour, “yellow”. This could be bad for your self esteem and for your panzers’ morale checks. And there will be the insufferable jokes like, “Why did the panzers cross the road? -To be with all the other chickens!”. How hard is it to spray on a little red-brown and some olive-green to make your panzers more menchie? Beat your chest, roar into the air and gather your strength to paint those puppies in spectacular tri-colour splendour. And then field them with pride as you watch your opponents quake in fear until they realise that your not fielding 56-tonne Tigers! Then they shoot you up and the wrecks look great as they burn. But your tanks look good even in death as the Valkyrie carry your crews to Valhalla! It’s positively Wagnerian! Cue the fat lady.


    Rod Robertson.


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