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    Paul Cordell

    I have recently been listening to some audio books on the Peninsular War;

    The Military Adventures of Charles O’Neil,

    The Private Journal of Judge-Advocate Larpent: Attached to the Head-Quarters of Lord Wellington During the Peninsular War, from 1812 to Its Close,


    A History of the Peninsular War 1807-1809, Volumes 1, 2 and 3  (These 3 are each 26 hours long!)

    I got them from here;

    britishaudiobooks.blogspot.co.uk … Napoleonic

    The reader is Felbrigg Napoleon Herriot, also known as FNH. He is English and speaks very clearly but does have trouble with Spanish and French names.
    If you want to sample his reading style go to librivox.org
    Search for author FNH – he has a number of books for free there.
    Not all of these books are on his website so it pays to contact him directly.



    The Emperors Library - A World of Military History

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