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    I have managed to reach the nineteenth battle of my Peninsular Was refight this week. I had managed to progress the campaign a little over Christmas and then a little more over the last week, in which time I have fought:

    The Battle of Caspe: link

    The Battle of Moraleja: link

    The Battle of Zereira: link

    plus a couple of progress reports:

    January 1809: link

    and February 1809: link

    The campaign rules are still a slightly modified version of the “Tomb for an Empire” boardgame rules, managed on the VASSAL module plus a spreadsheet (and a notebook! – some things are just quicker and more useful to scribble down longhand…). I continue to toy with the idea of writing my own campaign rules but lack of time and energy conspire to make me postpone this. The Polemos rules continue to serve very well as the tactical rules for the battles.

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