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    Nathaniel Weber

    I recently downloaded the free playtest version of Perilous Tales, a solo/cooperative game of mysterious mysteries and horrifying horror. I’ve been working on getting the necessary materials together for a game and successfully got my first game in this weekend.

    The game has a system of rules for generating enemies, heroes, and variable events, plus the game itself runs the behavior of the villains.

    In my game, a team of heroes were fighting an infestation of ghouls. They had several objectives (determined at random by the game system): they had to destroy the ghoul’s foul religious altar, kill as many ghouls as they could, and try to interrogate one or more of the loathsome beasts for information.

    My team of heroes approaches the center of the infestation, a decrepit mansion in the countryside:

    Here is the team, from left to right:

    A detective—a crack shot

    A paranormal investigator—the leader

    A medical doctor—the team’s medic

    A university professor—expert in chemisty and explosives (he’s the team’s dynamite man)

    A private eye—lethal in close combat (she’s proficient in several forms of hand-to-hand combat)

    The ghouls! The game does not yet have a ghoul-specific list so I used the Wolf Man villain group, which seemed close enough.

    The investigators snuck onto the mansion’s premises. Shifting shadows, foul smells, and spooky sounds indicated that ghouls were active in the area. (The round markers indicate “Threats”, the game’s system of keeping the enemy’s intentions and dangerous areas unknown to the player.) Soon the trap was sprung and ghouls came out of the stonework.

    The investigators made it into the target building—where the ghoul’s hideous altar stood—but the place was a maze of danger. Several “Perils” were spawned randomly around the house. They were all standard perils in the game but I imagined them specific to my scenario: in the corner of the building was an insane ghoul, chained there by his compatriots, and he lashed out at any investigator who came too near; nearby was also a heap of corpses, the remains of the ghouls’ latest feast; and the entire building was undermined by ghoul tunnels, leading to every step potentially causing cave-ins. (In game terms, these correlated to the Perils I’d drawn, which blanketed the area of the building in various hostile terrain effects.) It made fighting around the building almost impossible for my intrepid crew.

    Finally, the professor, fending off ghouls with his antique revolver, set the explosives he’d brought and the team beat a hasty retreat. The dynamite went off, killing several ghouls—but it did not destroy the altar.  The mission was a failure, but the investigators had survived to fight another day.

    As the team fled, Grandfather, the ghoul patriarch, emerged from the shadows, and in his broken English, nearly forgotten after so many decades living among ghoulkind, bellowed a promise to the heroes that it was their homes that’d burn next.

    The game is quite fun. It has the learning curve typical of games that use simple A.I. to run one side—lots of “if this, then do that” rules—but once it’s going it plays easily. There are plenty of decisions to make with your characters, and the order in which you take their actions and how the characters can help each other is critical. I’m looking forward to when the hard copy comes out.


    Always looking for more solo rules. You got me downlosding the rules.

    I like that photo looking out the window.

    Tired is enough.
    I like tiny miniatures


    I like that photo looking out the window.

    Me too!


    Nice AAR. I’m looking forward to this myself. It’s got me looking at 28mm figures again.

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