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    Captain Canada

    On another forum there is a grouch session going on regarding Perry Miniatures and casting quality / cleanup.  Has anyone had unusual experiences in that regard?



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    In the interests of full disclosure I am a total Perry groupie but I will admit the metal figures do come with a lot of casting ‘worms’, compared to Front Rank say, but these are easily cut of with a good wire brushing and the application of a blunt instrument like the end of a screwdriver or something…certainly not a deal breaker for me. I’ve certainly never had a total ‘dud’ that couldn’t be cleaned up.

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    Steve Johnson

    I’ve bought some this year for the first time and they did have some areas that needed quite a bit of clean up. Mostly due to the nature of being able getting them out of the mould, but some definitely down to tool wear. I received some Empress Miniatures last week and they require minimal work in comparison and are equally beautiful sculpts.


    I got some supplemental miniatures for my English Civil War army from Perry last year. The metals were fine, not like Empress or Otherworld level fine but certainly acceptable (and cheaper) and I’ve certainly had to deal with far worse in terms of clean-up requirements. Though the difference in age of sculpting between them and their newer ranges is noticeable.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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