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    Avatar photoAngel Barracks

    Pervy miniatures.
    You know the sort I mean.
    Good, bad or neither?

    Back when my hormones were still over the place I used to like naughty miniatures.
    I had a few impractical female warriors in my armies.
    These days such thrills are found in other places.
    So I have no desire to buy them.

    If I wanted females in my armies I would probably head over to Bad Squiddo Games to get some, they seem much more sensible.

    I have females in my 6mm range, as far as possible I try to make them female looking but still dressed practically.
    The female RDF trooper has the same kit as the males.
    The female civilians that are clearly female are dressed suitably for their jobs, no mechanics in hot pants carrying a giant wrench in their cleavage.

    Are pervy miniatures bad?

    I am inclined to say no, but it depends on what they are.
    Somethings I would find acceptable, other things not.
    Acceptable would be a female in skin tight lycra carrying two pistols and wearing heels shooting some people.
    Acceptable would be a female in a chainmail bikini carrying a huge sword.
    Unacceptable would be a female bending over, naked, showing her bits.
    Unacceptable would be a female being raped. (or indeed a male for that matter)

    I think the hobby has a place for both pervy (within reason) and sensible miniatures.
    I do sometimes worry the PC brigade can get over zealous and go too far, but at the same time, some of the images in gaming can put females off as it seems highly misogynistic.
    It is of course a highly personal sliding scale, what do you all think?

    Avatar photoirishserb

    I guess everyone has to draw their own boundaries.  I don’t have any purpose for the mechanic you described above, so wouldn’t buy one.  I just see it as a waste to time.   Mostly, they are just uninteresting.

    Trying to define what is too offensive in gaming can be challenging, an orc with someone’s head on a stick or SS marching across the table is okay, but not a wrench in cleavage?  What is more offensive, a demonic creature celebrating dismemberment of a human, genocidal insanity, or goofy cleavage?  I guess maybe it has more do with the intent of the miniature, but we can present some pretty odd things in the hobby without seriously considering what it may represent to others.

    Your question of whether a figure was bad, reminded me of something I witnessed one night many years ago while working in a hobby shop. A very motherly, middle-aged woman was looking at figures in a showcase.  Among the figures were a number of Ral Partha figs mounted on marble bases, one being the Grateful Undead skeleton rock band.  The woman, with a 1950s TV show mother kind of manner, was very pleasant, asked a few questions, and while pointing at the rock band asked, ” Are those figures evil?”  Without hesitating a second, the other sales person replied, ” Why no mam, they’re pewter.”   She answered with a very matter of fact, “Okay” and continued looking.   I had to walk away, as it was all I could do to contain my laughter.

    Avatar photoNot Connard Sage

    Needs more boobies.

    Obvious contrarian and passive aggressive old prat, who is taken far too seriously by some and not seriously enough by others.

    Avatar photoAngel Barracks

    Needs more boobies.

    I can tell you are pleased with yourself for that one.

    Avatar photoThaddeus Blanchette

    How about some 15mm yank infantry?


    I am thinking you could use the guys on the left and the right to make a very interesting vignette. IIRC, someone has a pair of Napoleonic Scots doing much the same pose. I always wanted to pair the one flipping his kilt with a sheep….

    We get slapped around, but we have a good time!

    Avatar photoNot Connard Sage

    Needs more boobies.

    I can tell you are pleased with yourself for that one.


    I am hugging myself with glee and rocking slowly backwards and forwards

    Obvious contrarian and passive aggressive old prat, who is taken far too seriously by some and not seriously enough by others.

    Avatar photoMike Harrop

    I’ve never had a problem with Pervy miniatures, I’m not sure it shows a mysoganistic side to wargaming either as my Mrs has a lot more explicit and pervy male and female miniatures and figures than I do and she’s a radical feminist.



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    Avatar photoRules Junkie Jim

    I have three 15mm Tabletop Miniatures trolls that are buck naked. Tiny little willies n all! They were sold in packs of three; I didn’t get one and want two more when I saw they’d no drawers on. Don’t think I ever painted them.


    Avatar photokyoteblue

    I don’t use them but I only game in 15mm.

    Avatar photoSpurious

    Does nothing for me.

    Tanks and Mechs (and sometime spaceships) just look better than miniature people anyway.

    Avatar photopaintpig

    Well I dont seem to have many, all fantasy which I dont play but I find a really good vehicle for painting. Pervy historical figures…. well I’m not sure or convinced that they have a practical place on the TT but then I could say the same for sheep, bunny rabbits and blacksmiths, well OK in small action/scenarios they may have some input to the narrative.

    With the fantasy pervy figures I dont see them as pervy in particular, I’m more interested in the animation and pose of the figure and how well the anatomy registers with real life. I tend to shun away from the figures with unplausibly perky bosoms but it can be difficult to find female figures that dont have gravity defying boobs and bottoms…  Hasslefree’s nude studies make for good painting challenges and fit the bill.

    OK having cleared the air a figure must have appeal, so a dynamic pose coupled with implausible armour makes for a great figure when carefully painted. There are some great female painters who single out “hot chicks” as their favourite models to paint… Jen Hayley and Marike Reimer to name two. To cap off my diatribe, today my wife selected a pervy figure at a bring and buy for me to paint for her, legs up to its armpits, more curves than your standard Formula One Grand Prix track and armour offering more exposed flesh than properly recommended by the guild of blacksmiths.

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    Avatar photoSane Max

    There’s pervy and there’s pervy

    I can see the attraction in buying and painting an attractive nude figure, and would not be bothered by it if I saw it on someone else’s shelf – it’s something different and I like the naked human form as much as the next person.

    But most figures out there were clearly designed by a teenage boy with too much of something on his hands, and there are SOME figures out there that are seriously ‘WTF????’. They just run the risk of making us all look like teenage boys.

    Avatar photoGeoffQRF

    I think Max has said it very well.

    QRF Models Limited

    Avatar photoEtranger

    I’ve got a 15mm “not Barbarella” figure but that’s as close to pervy as it gets. Personally I don’t woŕry about it too much but Max characterises a certain subset of wargamers very well.

    Avatar photoWilliam Jones

    Depends on the theme and where you are gaming I suppose. I’ve thought about a she-barbarian army based on Maidenhead Miniatures. It is on my to-do list, but not near the top. Something Casanova-esque on some Lace Wars table wouldn’t bother me, provided it was done with some subtlety and wit. Naked slaves in Egypt or Minoa – no big deal. Even the Bayeux Tapestry has some ‘naughty bits’, embroidered by English ladies so it is said.

    Neither a big passion nor upset for me, if we are talking about display of skin. There are some BDSM figure lines that look like they were designed by a sex offender on his twenty third year in solitary. That is something else entirely, and needs to rise to the level of art or GTFO for my tastes.

    Avatar photoNoel

    Like so many things, to me it is context that matters.

    I also think there is a difference between depicting human sexuality and objectifying.


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