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    Yesterday I drove up to Exeter for Legionary 2017 an excellent day out.  I arrived at 0815 got all my Adeptus Titanicus game out buy 0845 , took a tour around the show.  Legionary had about a dozen traders and an excellently run bring and buy, what I like about this show is they are happy to sell from the Band B before the show opens, thus allowing  people who put on games a chance to pick up stuff we don’t need but want.  (I bought an Airfix Waterloo farm house, gun emplacement, pontoon bridge and a resin pontoon bridge for £10 well chuffed).  The B and B was well run and organised, the show was busy and vibrant, I don’t know how many came through but my guess would be several hundred.  A big thank you to James and all the team for there Stirling work in setting up and running the show.

    A selection of photo’s from the show, I apologise for not naming who run what game.

    20mm Napoleonic game, excellent my personal favourite.

    Helms deep, reminded me of 1960’s Tony Curtis movie the Vikings.


    War of 1812 put on by Graham and friends.


    A ww2 28mm, the battle of the bulge.


    My humble offering.


    Views of the venue.

    28mm ww2

    I will post a report on the games I played later, I had a brilliant day and excellent show.




    Norm S

    Enjoyed the tables – thank you.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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