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    I am busy planning out my lead purchases, month by month, for the coming year. This is something I do every year (although I never stick to the plan 100%). I base this plan on what projects I want to put together for the year, weighed against the amount I know I can (maybe) (hopefully) (possibly) paint and the amount I am willing to spend on a hobby. Does anybody else plan out their “hobby year” like this? Care to share your plans?

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    Guy Farrish

    Nope – far too organised for me.

    Part of the fun is getting distracted and doing things on a whim.

    That also means some things are still being finished off several years after I started them (Great Italian Wars Army – started early 1980s – almost there!).

    But it also means a Dux Bellorum Saxon Warband and Lion Rampant armies that I had absolutely no plans for!

    So there will be some planned purchases (funds and concentration willing) – cold war central front Sovs and Brits early 80s in 1/300 being finished for one, and some completely unlooked for departures with any luck.

    Part of me does admire your forethought though and I wish you every success!


    I likewise admire your forethought and your discipline, but that sort of thing would never work for me.

    Well, alright, never say never. I’m only in my early 30s and perhaps once I’m in my 50s I’ll be approaching the hobby in a different, more long term goal-oriented manner. But my present self just keeps discovering new tangents (or re-discovering old tangents) to go off on every few weeks or months, and making impulse purchases accordingly.

    Most of the figures I buy are “for later”, though I still buy them on impulse and not according to any pre-made plan. I recently made a large order of fantasy figures from Black Tree Designs because they seem to be selling off their old fantasy stock and not casting new figures anymore, and I’m pretty sure that at some point I want to use certain figures from that range (elves, etc) for various skirmish projects. I figured I’d better get them now and not be left wanting them when/if they go OOP. It appears I’m already too late for some of their Oldhammer-esque orcs and goblins, and I now wish I’d thought of stocking up on BTD figures sooner.

    Actually, I think that right now I’m really going through a major “stocking up” phase. These past few months I’ve been spending money on the hobby more intensively than ever before in my life, but at least I’m getting many of the figures I’ve been wanting for years and presumably would have kept wanting if I hadn’t acquired them now. Hopefully I’ll reach a point where I’ll be stocked up and will spend at least a couple of years painting what I have and not buying much more. Obviously there’s always new stuff coming along that attracts me, but I hope that at least some of the time I’ll be able to resist the allure on the basis that I already have something similar, be it wood elves, VSF martians, Necromunda-style gangers, sci-fi microtanks, anime-style mechs, aeronefs or whatever.

    Then of course there’s the allure of crowdfunding projects. It’s all to easy to be blindsided by some new Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign that presents an opportunity to be part of bringing something new and exciting to the hobby scene. No way to protect oneself from that 

    Iain Fuller

    I’ve been thinking about exactly this over the past few days, I’m definitely going to have a plan for next year which I’m going to try and stick to as much as possible. Having said that the plan that I had originally thought of has gone out of the window since I played a few games of Chain of Command over the weekend and getting a couple of platoons together for that is now my no.1 priority! The rest of the plan is just to get through some Napoleonic and Modern lead on the desk then making terrain but all of these are sort of long term efforts really.


    Oh I plan ……Oh Shiny !!!!!

    Rules Junkie Jim

    I used to do this til the dissipation took hold. But it’s a nice way to spend time between turkey & stuffing sandwiches.


    I absolutely do plan! I find its the crucial factor that means I’ll end up with a complete army instead of a dozen incomplete fragments of an army.

    I’m not super-strict about it, but I like to have a time table. I figure that if I stick to the plan at least 80%, it works for me. This year was all about building 4 Dux Bellorum armies for myself plus a complete set of terrain. I’m mostly on schedule, but I estimate the last of it will stretch into early February. No biggie. I’ll sit down and plan my 2016 projects in the next week or two.

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    Lagartija Mike

    The answer is yes and then, loudly and flatulently, no. I managed to finish two units for my Ottoman army ( one of gönüllü and one of kapikülü) to my satisfaction before aggressive malaise set it contemplating a wad of seventy or so jannissaries. My new method is to cycle through armies, one unit each until a few entire ones are complete. I’m going to finish a bunch of jannissary command figures for dispersal through a bunch of future units then start on a few armored Mughal war elephants (converted from Aventine Sassanid elephantry) with religious fanatic escorts, then a Göktürk tarkhan unit from the age of Qara Jurjin, then maybe a Norse Irish or Islemen force for a bit of Europe before returning to my Ottomans. If I don’t get distracted by a projected Steel Fist/Perry conversions Sengoku Japanese thing I was planning on holding off until summer. Unless the Aztec bug bites again…unless…unless…

    Rod Robertson

    I plan more than one year ahead. I have just finished purchasing four 28mm Saga war bands which will not be touched until 2017. Right now I am working on 15mm WWII infantry and vehicles which were purchased between seven and two years ago. I am also beginning to get a head of speed built up while painting Ultramodern forces in 15mm and just this year I bought most of what I will need to do 15mm Cold War forces. In parallel with all this I am slowly priming and painting 28mm fantasy figures for a D&D club and a games and miniatures class I offer at the school where I teach.

    Now, do I stick to these plans? Alas, no. Life gets in the way so I am behind on everything but the now delayed and deferred plans are still in effect. Their completion dates are just pushed forward. Hell, I’ve got some micro armour from the 1980’s and some Ancients from the 1990’s which are still in the queue to be painted and based. So planning and procrastination are the hallmarks of my hobby experience.

    Cheers and good gaming.

    Rod Robertson.


    I normally use the various shows I sometimes attend as my markers: Hammerhead, Partizan, Joy of Six, Other Partizan and Donnington/Derby.  I normally plan to spend between £20 and £60 on figures at a typical show.  In the average year, I will probably get to two or three of the shows and my aim is that I will try and finish what I bought by the next show and certainly not later than the show after that.

    I try and plan my armies in two phases:  the first phase is to buy enough figures to get a minimum army on the table, the second phase to get any additional troops that specific scenarios require.  I try and get the first phase done quickly, the second phase sometimes runs for a long time.  With the odd “ooh shiny” moment excepted, I do generally stick to this.




    I am not so much sure it’s planning as it is as much being very able to resist starting up new projects. Well, able to resist until it seems like a good idea. But it does keep me from spending a lot of money at shows unless I have a specific plan of things to get.

    When it comes to the work on a project, I plan like crazy. Well, crazy compared to most it seems, as I use the project as an excuse to do a whole bunch of reading on the subject (not that this guarantees I have a more fitting or accurate force in the end as several projects of that have been a bit stymied by availability of miniatures or information or both and other things besides), or writing if I have to create something. I definitely plan more than I used to as well due to various reasons of time, money and minimising waste of both.

    It sort of works… he wrote looking at a workbench with bits of four different ongoing projects upon it… 


    Like Tempest, I tend to plan on a show by show basis, the main planning being done for Triples.

    If I’m doing a new project (rare these days), I also plan exactly what I need to make up various unit combinations etc.

    Sure, real life and ‘ooh shiny’ get in the way, but generally I am fairly disciplined. Bringing order out of chaos is one of the things I enjoy about wargaming.





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    Not Connard Sage



    <scratches head>

    wanders off


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    malc johnston

    We looked at the stuff we have got and thought, “Oh my God” so much stuff to paint, i mean 1000s of 28mm miniatures, so we decided not to buy anything next year but start painting … but it never turns out like that lol



    What? Plan? …oh, yes… plan?



    I keep a “buy” list of figs that I need for various projects.  Things get purchased as funds become available, so it is more about the order of the purchases, than the when.  It does generally extend farther than a year into the future.  I also keep a “build” list that is interwoven with the buy list.  Both can be modified somewhat by new releases, depending on whether a release is something that I was going to scratch-build (such as Army’s Armies eliminating my need to master and cast my own 15mm BMD1s).

    I also tend to research “new” projects more than a year in advance, with things getting added to the buy  and build lists after researching the history, available miniatures, and/or other items needed for a project.  For example, I was considering maybe getting into 28mm plains wars next year, and have been and am currently reading some recommended books on the subject.  I have already decided not to pursue the project, but am going to use some of the historical stuff as inspiration for a new element in my post-apocalypse gaming, with the associated miniatures added to my buy list for probably late 2016 or early 2017.  Nothing is written in stone, but I don’t tend to impulse buy either.

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