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    Avatar photoSondergaard

    I’ve seen the Wargames Factory, Warlord and Victrix versions but was wondering if anyone had an opinion on which set was best at depicting individual fighters rather than a phalanx.

    I ask as I’m looking at putting together a skirmish force for historical/fantasy games (Jason and the Argonauts style). I want to do it on the cheap so plastics are the way to go but I want maximum flexibility for poses.


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    Avatar photoJohn D Salt

    Are you prepared to consider soft plastics? Because although it’s not my period, I have to say that the Zvezda box of ancient Greeks is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. Lots of the poses are dead ringers for the piccies in the relevant Osprey Elite. Quite rightly, the Plastic Soldier Review gave them a near-perfect score. The Zvezda Spaerans also look very fine,  though I don’t have a box and so am going by the pictures. Again, they seem to have followed the Osprey quite closely.

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    Avatar photoSimon Miller

    I have some of the Victrix; lovely minis.  I don’t think you can go wrong there.

    Avatar photoGarry Grant

    If you are looking for individuals in active poses – Victrix unarmoured hoplites as well as their peltasts.    Problem is they are unarmoured.     They come up well.   Agema is releasing some plastic characters for their Roman and presumably Punic ranges and some of these may fit the bill.     Another option would be to look at metal personalities.   I am just finishing up Relic Miniatures (metal) figure of the War God Ares – quite a dynamic pose which would suit skirmish games.   Heavy armour.  Will be using him on a Command base.



    Avatar photoAllen Curtis



    Avatar photoDavid Blair

    Slightly off topic here but does anyone remember the Rospack plastics ?

    I only ever saw them used once, member of the Falkirk club brought them once got some unflattering comments,to be fair I

    seem to recall pink and green shields, and they were never mentioned again.


    Avatar photoAllen Curtis
    Avatar photoTrebian


    JDS’s recommendation to look at the Zvezda figures shouldn’t be over looked because they come in a box & people think they’re modern Airfix figures and so aren’t proper wargames figures. Look at the reviews over at Plastic Soldier Review:




    Avatar photoSondergaard

    Not keen on 1/72 ancients. I have a large collection of Hat and Revell WWI but the various ancient ranges never appealed. Also, I would like some compatibility with my medieval 28s (for the creatures at least).

    Thanks for the answers and I think Victrix are the way to go. Unarmoured actually makes more sense for guys who spend most of their time on ships.

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    Avatar photoSteve Burt

    I’ve got quite a few of the Rospack Hoplites which are still in use. Quite crude figures, but once you put transfers on the shields you don’t really notice.

    I also have some Rospack Greek cavalry, peltasts and generic archers.

    Avatar photoDrang

    In order of quality:


    1. The Warlord (formerly Immortal Miniatures) hoplites. Stunning sculpts, good range of poses, good customisation potential.

    2. Victrix. Usual, good quality stuff.

    3. Wargames Factory. Usual medium grade stuff.

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Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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