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    I’ve never ordered from the PSC, but went to their site for the first time today, and found that 11 of 12 items that I was interested in were out of stock, predominantly former Armie’s Army figs.

    Does anybody know if this a common thing with them?  Are they usually good to deal with?  Just trying to get a feel for them, and hoping these items aren’t being discontinued.

    I tried to e-mail them, but had something weird happen, thus my question here.




    Don’t know about the AA stuff but I’ve done a number of kickstarters with them & found them reliable. There is a local distributor for their plastic stuff here in Oz, so it’s usually straightforward finding their kits.

    Jemima FawrJemima Fawr

    I was wondering the same thing.  A heck of a lot of their ex-AA stuff is listed as out of stock.

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    Guy FarrishGuy Farrish

    Yes, I had a look there the other day and was surprised at the number of links that end up with ‘Out of Stock’.

    No doubt nothing sinister in it at all, but it does make you scratch your head about what’s happening.


    I buy the S-Model kits for my Early War Germans, but every time I look they are all sold out.  As a company though I am very happy with the service I have received from them.

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    I’ve bought tons of stuff from PSC. Their own stuff is usually in stock, but for third party suppliers, well it just depends. (I buy a lot of Zvezda stuff from PSC and that is quite variable).

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    Katie LKatie L

    I thought they made the AA ranges though? I mean, obviously they can still be “out of stock” in that they don’t have any made but surely that just really means “hey, order it and we’ll cast it”…



    They own the range, but I’m not sure that they actually cast the resin and metal products.  Either way, they could be having problems with the casting or contracting process; thus, without more knowledge regarding what “out of stock” might mean, I am apprehensive to order.

    My thanks to everyone for the replies to my question.

    Darryl SmithDarryl Smith

    A couple of months ago I was checking the old Armies Army stuff on PSC. At that time they had everything in stock. With the recent sale seemingly everything is out or nearly so. Not sure what is going on behind the scenes as since they own the line they should be able to stay on top of stock levels. I was able to grab an East German platoon yesterday at sale price.

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