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    How do you feel about a company that offers a discount to people that follow said company on Facebook?
    I am asking as I recently saw a business post on FB that there is a discount code you can use to get X% off.
    However the code needed is only published on FB.
    I have not seen this code on their actual site, or any other site other than FB.
    Clearly said company wants to reward the people on FB that follow it, but what if you are a customer of them and have been for years but you don’t use FB, or maybe you do but just happen not to have seen the offer, how would you feel?


    Personally, I think it is a crap idea and I would have a preference to avoid purchasing from such a company.


    Punished, is how I feel about it. Like the company is punishing me for not being an FB user.


    The only reason I could think of is to estimate ratio of potential customers from Facebook visitors, the offer will have to be up for a finite amount of time and probably be done several times a year to get data for normal and holiday season. I’d do this to decide if maintaining the Facebook page was worth the effort.

    Or it could be laziness, too much effort duplicating the same text, art etc on multiple platform. I can really empathize with this because I’m really lazy when it comes to PR.

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    Not Connard Sage

    They can feck orf 🙂

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    Oh no….

    I don’t like FB and would never join it, so wouldn’t get any FB only discounts. C’est la vie……

    By the same token, if a company only has a FB page/site, I wouldn’t even look at its products even if they were the DB’s and only obtainable there!

    Mr. Average

    I’ve been trying to use FB less and less, as it’s become more and more intrusive and surveillancey over time. Startups and small businesses seem to think it’s a great idea to link everything through Facebook but I don’t think they have any right to a cut of or information about my business transactions if I can avoid it. I already get assaulted with various people trying to “friend” me, which FB constantly tries to prevent me from ignoring by forcing me into this or that portion of the site, and isn’t that annoyance enough without users themselves trying to force me into FB as well?

    Olaf Meys

    My only question would be “why?”. FB is intrusive, and limiting. It wouldn’t stop me buying a product,  but I would certainly think twice, and probably look for an alternative.

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    Russell Phillips

    I don’t really care, but I think it’s a bad idea from the company’s perspective.

    Previous comments indicate that it will annoy at least some customers, which is obviously not great. Also, I think some small companies rely too much on Facebook, and this sounds like a symptom of that. When you rely on one entity too much, you run the risk of getting into trouble when they change the rules. Plenty of companies have already been burned because Facebook changed something.

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    Russell Phillips

    Startups and small businesses seem to think it’s a great idea to link everything through Facebook

    This does annoy me. Not everyone has or wants a Facebook account, and it’s not difficult or expensive to set up a simple website.

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    Not a fan. I’m not on FB for a variety of issues and do not like being pushed in that direction.

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    Private Snafu

    I think its fine.  It’s the nature of coupons.  Sometimes you have them sometimes you don’t.  No rage from me here even though I trust FB nilch.

    On the other hand good companies like Northstar have a nice email newsletter that would usually keep me current on all their offers.



    FaceWhat? Seriously, companies can distribute coupons however they wish. But if I’m in their target market and they think they can reach me via Facebook, then they probably don’t know their target market very well.

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    I’m not on FB and never will be.  So I won’t see any FB only offers and therefore won’t lose any sleep over them.  I do dislike the multitude of websites that invite me to sign in with my FB account.  “F them” I mutter as I swiftly leave their site.

    Less enthusiasm, please. This is Britain.


    Bad idea.  You want ALL of your advertising to reach as big of an audience as you can.  Many people don’t FB.  That’s fine.  That’s might even be prudent.  A company needs to have mechanisms in place to allow all to buy in an easy fashion.  They also need to be able to reward ALL customers with sales, offers and so forth.


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    Ivan Sorensen

    I guess I don’t really care either way. Seems like a modern thing to do. “Drive engagement” and all that jazz.

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