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    piers brand

    Another weekend, and another playtest of ‘Platoon Leader’, this time with a revised deck structure and upping the game size to see how it copes.


    This week it’s Poland 1939. A reinforced German infantry platoon, supported by tanks and a mortar battery push forward to secure a road and rail junction. Preparing to meet them is a Polish infantry platoon, supported by a 75mm field gun and TKS tankettes. Interesting game this one, the Poles suffered from a lack of command and control, the Germans having more units with ‘command’ traits and a wider command ability that really helped to keep things moving. The Germans kept on the firepower as much as possible and the Poles took quite heavy losses and many units got pinned down. The German advance across the table was well coordinated and allowed support fire from each flank.


    The Poles were always playing catch up as their officer tried to rally units but ended up getting killed before he could do much. But the Germans took a few losses too, but around half as many as the Poles. But the actual loss of ‘Platoon Morale’ was even, the Poles proving rather resilient in the face of the assault, while the Germans took fewer casualties but suffered just as much. The Germans finally got lucky, and clever use of their cards saw them wipe out several units in one turn to break the Polish Army. In the end the Germans finally won with only 4 Platoon Morale left out of 18.


    Close run thing really. Lots to do with the game though…










    Rod Robertson

    Piers Brand:

    Beautiful as usual. Thank you once again for posting these outstanding games and inspiring us all.

    Cheers and good gaming.

    Rod Robertson.


    Beautiful terrain and figures.

    Steve Johnson

    Lovely terrain and figures as always.

    Norm S

    Lovely, as always. Do the use of cards make this a two player only game, or does it work solo?

    Mick Sayce

    Another nice looking game, keep ’em coming.

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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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