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    A couple weeks ago we put on a game using the Saltanovka scenario from Master of the World, 1812 in Russia for the ATF Gaming Group using their favorite tactical set (and ours): Napoleonic Command.

    Saltanovka is a fairly elastic scenario where Davout was ordered to exploit the gap between the 1st & 2nd Armies of the West before the Russians could unite. Bagration was under orders to connect with Barclay de Tolly at Vitebsk but once Davout interposed himself between them, he had to decide how much he was going to commit against the French Marshal: attack and destroy the I Corps, or just spoil Davout’s attack and delay meeting Barclay until Smolensk?

    Both historically and in the game, Bagration chose to delay the Russian concentration until Smolensk. The Russians launched a limited attack against the two divisions of Davout’s corps that were present. Davout called on all French elements within a day’s march to move immediately to concentrate, concerned that he could be overwhelmed by the bulk of the 2nd Army of the West. Effectively none made it in time and Davout had to make due with what he had.

    Check out all the photos from the latest game by the ATF Gaming Club here.

    You can also see another set of game photos with commentary on the action here.

    Terrain: The Wargaming Company & Battlescale
    Miniatures: 10mm, various manufacturers
    Scenario: Saltanovka from Master of the World, 1812 in Russia


    The Bandit

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