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    Avatar photoDerek Clark


    I am very new to wargaming and have settled on European medieval skirmish actions in 28mm as my interest. I think Lion Rampart should suit me as a ruleset not least because thanks to a game with one of the play testers recently I found it is fairly easy for a beginner to understand. Also, I like the humour that runs through it.

    I have read solo play books by Asquith & Featherstone and I subscribe to Lone Warrior but thought there must be people here who will be playing these rules, and have ideas for playing them solo that could be of help to me and others like me.

    Any suggestions will be gratefully received.


    Avatar photoSteve Johnson

    I think the unit activation, and the uncertainty that it causes, will help in solo games. That is certainly the case with Dux Bellorum. I intend to play these rules solo in the main, so will feedback some thoughts when I’ve had a proper run out of the rules.

    Avatar photoDerek Clark

    Thanks Steve

    That will be a great help.

    Avatar photoMike

    Not familiar with them, but yes any game that has some element of fog of war, be it random activation or similar will certainly make a solo game that much more enjoyable.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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