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    Angel Barracks


    How often, where, and with whom do you play?


    Every fortnight, in my garage, with friends.

    Whenever I feel like it, in my garage, solo.


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    At the moment only every couple of months with a fiend, no decent wargame table in house.  Keep wanting to use garage as a wargaming room, though its too cold in winter.  During the summer I use a table in the garden with a awning to protect the table.

    Tony S

    Barring any global pandemics, weekly.  Every Sunday the club meets at a local store.  Occasionally there will be a Saturday for me, at someone’s house, for longer or bigger games.

    Sometimes I’ll put on some solo stuff, but more to try out rules than anything else.


    Steve Johnson

    On average every couple of weeks and solo at home. I haven’t played at a club for maybe ten years or so and no longer feel the need. With lockdown restrictions easing I might be able to resume some FtF games and maybe even weekly.

    Sane Max

    Weekly, at Harrogate and Ripon District (HARD) Wargamers, against fellow club-members. Occasionally at home against friends. They have to be skinny friends, my Wargames Room is small with a 6*4 table up some skill at Horizontal Limbo Dancing is required.

    Mark Jessop

    Twice a week, with my mates.  Boardgames Wednesday at a one of our houses, wargames on Thursday down the club.  We’ve been doing this for 30+ years now.


    It used to be weekly with a friend at my house but life intervened and I moved to a different country, so now it’s solo, several times a week at my house. I may look for a gaming group to join in my area now that things are opening up, but I’m not sure I am up to being sociable after 18 months of avoiding people.

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    Andrew Beasley

    Currently only with myself – sorry could not resist that phrasing

    Still having issues playing games but it’s getting easier to give myself permission to spend the time on myself without feeling guilty.


    Mr. Average

     Still having issues playing games but it’s getting easier to give myself permission to spend the time on myself without feeling guilty.

    I hear you on that score – I spend most of my time working and it’s been hard to slow down, but now that I’ve driven myself to the brink of my first heart attack from stress and overwork I’m on orders to dial it back a notch!

    I do belong to a club, though – the only one in the area that has its own club space! So we have 24-hour access to our gaming areas and there is something happening almost every weekend, so mainly it’s about me, not the club! With some terrain coming to fruition, however, and my 3mm armies becoming an actual important part of my health (through stress reduction) it’s becoming far more likely I’ll be playing regularly in the near future.

    Tony Hughes

    Roughly monthly with a group at a mate’s house and every 2 – 3 weeks here with one of them. Also odd games with a larger subset of the group here at home or  at one of the other members of the groups who has a table set up. For all that most of the group are retired real life keeps getting in the way of having games and some of the stuff painted during lockdowns has still to see our tables.



    Mike Headden

    Board Games: online, four times a week with friends and family.

    Tabletop: When I can, solo, at home, on the dining table, with a 1220x1800mm “lid” where required.

    Computer Games: Pretty much every day, even if only to do the daily tasks in MMORPGs.

    I am still staying home as much as possible.


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    ian pillay

    Solo, with the most luckiest opponent you could ever meet. His dice rolls are always the correct ones for the situation, his units always managed to get in my flanks….he always wins 80% of the games we play…… 😂😂😂

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    Once a week, solo, in the garage; once or twice a month on the kitchen table with family.  Looking forward to getting back into club / F2F gaming soon.




    Highly unlikely I will again. Can’t be bothered with solo wargaming (even if I had the room) and no club within reasonable distance. Mind you, I reckon I’ve had the best out of the hobby so no real loss.

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    Twice a week with my regular gaming buddies. We are still playing remotely so have a few recruits from around the country. I ran a game with nine players a couple of weeks ago. Remote games are hard work, which is why we split them over two nights.

    Back in face to face gaming days, once a week at Wednesday club nights.

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    Chris Pringle

    Once a week at OWS, once a month at my place or a friend’s. Generally five or six players out of a wider group of about a dozen. During lockdown, once a week remotely, which was actually good for seeing a few more distant gaming buddies regularly. May well continue to do some of that as well as the F2F.

    Although the core of our gaming is “Bloody Big BATTLES!” (BBB), we play a wide range of other games too, eg these and this.


    A couple of times a month

    On my coffee table

    All by myself

    Olaf Meys

    These days, solo whenever I can be bothered to set things up.

    I have a fortnightly D&D game via Roll20, currently, but no wargames. There’s the possibility of a once-in-a-while game with members of a club two towns over, but nothing confirmed yet.

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    Since Covid, at home, very rarely and solo.



    Nada, nyet, none.

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    Sane Max

    Lots of inactive wargamers here! I can’t imagine not playing, got so desperate during lockdown I was making my daughters play.

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