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    Alexander Wasberg

    I recently had my first playtest of the upcoming Laserstorm, a big battle sci-fi game by NWG.

    I thought I’d share some pics:

    Setup, the NIJA are facing off against the USS on a contested colony world. Holding the objectives might prove crucial to the continued war effort.


    The first shots are traded, forcing the USS infantry into a retreat.


    Tanks duel it out, while the USS behemoth does lots of shooting but no hitting..


    The tanks manage to bring down the NIJA Sohei super heavy tank, after a fierce fight.


    The behemoth finally hits something, and he takes out the entire infantry unit!


    USS infantry pushes forward in the last second. their efforts are rewarded as they take down the last stands contesting the central objective, and manages to even the score to 7-7.

    The game ends in a draw, but the USS manages to inflict heavy casualties on their opponent, the NIJA.


    For the full report and more pics, check out the blog:


    Thanks for looking!

    Rules Junkie Jim

    Those Brigade Models merc vehicles are great, I’ve a few sitting undercoated while I think up a paint scheme that’ll do them justice. Did you add a sideskirt or two to the Bizon tanks? They look better that way.

    Alexander Wasberg

    The Mercs really great, my favorite brigade vehicles by quite a margin too! deciding on a paintjob for a new force is always quite tricky, I feel your pain 😉

    I have sideskirts only on one or two of them, since I had a pair with skirts left over after building some of the other tanks. But I agree, they do look better with the skirts, if I ever expand the army, they’ll get skirts on all the new ones at least!

    Alexander Wasberg

    I decided to have another playtest of Laserstorm to try out some custom units and a less “balanced” set of forces than last time

    So I moved it to my 3mm models, letting the superpower of CSA flex it’s muscles against the upstarts of the Outer Colonies:


    The two lines closes on the objectives, set out roughly on the centerline.


    The CSA power armor, one of the custom units, smash up an apc.


    OC battle suits retaliate, wrecking two Chevalier tanks. Ouch!


    The last tank is a tough one, though, and takes down two stands of suits in return..


    The last desperate gamble by the OC battle suit, trying to force a retreat of the CSA infantry.


    A good game, sadly one side was much luckier than the other, but still it came down to that last round!


    Full report, as always on the blog:



    Thanks for reading!


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