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    Been working way too much overtime this year and haven’t really felt that compulsion to paint for most of the year. Bit depressed about not messing around with the brush at all and have been buying and playing a lot of SPI/Avalon Hill games when scant time is available. In my search for strange games that are hard to find opponents for I stumbled across The Plot to Assassinate Hitler. It’s a bit of an odd duck wargame so naturally I thoroughly enjoy it and found a guy (kudos to Stuka Joe) who had updated the game components and made it more easily playable and a bit more lush in presentation. With laminator in one hand and cutter in the other I set about making my own deluxe set.

    The basic game from 1976 with clipped counters and ‘hands of counters’.

    And the cards, counters, and map for the updated game.

    And in play…

    I’m kind of stabbing at updating the old Swords & Sorcery game in a similar fashion but I’m rather hoping I’ll get over this dour mood and get back to painting again.

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