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    Wargaming stuff has been a bit weird for me the past few months. Got that annoying period where there are far too many projects going on at once and not enough ability to really focus on any particular one of them. And then things happened and I ended up doing this:

    Fortunately I’ve managed to justify it to myself (thankfully the only person I need to justify it to but unfortunately he’s also very critical and wary about spending money… most of the time) by wanting to try out Clash on the Fringe for my other sci-fi project which as a system just-so-happens to be ideally suited for these guys (who woulda thunk it?), and that I’ve wanted a bunch of these for I dunno, 18 years? It just happened to hit me now to do it. Which is a good time for it to happen since all the other projects I have been failing to work at I am surprisingly well sorted for in terms of models and terrain already, and nothing is looming in the future that’ll warrant jumping on to. For now at least, you all know how things just love to turn up and grab your attention away from some army you’ve worked at for months.

    Sharp-eyed observes will notice a lot of green backpacks, this due to having to clone loads of them in greenstuff since 2/3rds of the finds I had didn’t come with them and if they do turn up for sale it’s in small amounts at extortionate prices. Had a fairly high failure rate but slowly working at it for a week or two, changing up how I made the moulds (using that instant mould stuff) managed to make up for the shortfall. The soldiers in green are just that colour of plastic, same as the partly blue ones. Standard brown Dettol served me well as a paint stripper except for a batch of the RTB01 troopers, half of which have been undercoated in something that seems incredibly resistant, I have no idea what but it’s a git to remove and I dare not use some of the stronger paint stripper things for legitimate fears of it melting the plastic.

    So yeah, that’s a thing. Should be easy to paint at least, certainly more-so than attempting to do modern camo patterns…




    Norm S

    You have done nice work with the green stuff. It looks like the kind of project that can get to the table relatively quickly.


    I love this old-school stuff.


    A nice selection of figures, I have painted most of them in my time.

    It just so happens I have several hundred old school 40k for sale both painted and unpainted.  So if you are going to Blast-tastic you will se me there on my stall, “Willz Wargame Loft”.  Come and buy a bargain.  Here is a very small selection of some I did earlier.


    Fond memories of a simpler time.


    Well, I’ve started getting around to painting the wee gits now that I have the appropriate paints. Had like 6 different greens but only 2 entirely inappropriate blue paints for some reason. I blame painting too much moderns stuff. Anyway, thanks to a trip to Colours last weekend (got some pics from that on the blog, not really much to show though given the event layout and content).

    Though saying that I’ve tried doing a wee bit of camo on the guy on the far left, adding some green wiggles to the blue. I might stick with that for scout or maybe assault troopers.


    Small update because not really all that much progress is being made.

    More blue going on and a techmarine is starting to emerge. Managed to settle on adding the chequerboard patterns and a helmet stripe but not down the beak. Going pretty well so far, I think I will have to add some mud splatter on the feet and legs, helps give some contrast. The general (lovable) wonkeyness of these figures makes them way more fun to paint than newer model space marines I’ve found. Lots of nice little details like pouches but no ornate decorative bits except on officers. The lack of chest eagles is quite nice and really signifies the different character of these old models. I guess I’ll have to write KIL KIL KIL on someone though and some other little icons/writings in places (only proper after all).

    Still plenty to do to finish off even just this handful, though a limited colour-pallet certainly has helped speed production. Gotten too used to no-uniform stuff and camo, which really slows down painting compared to blocks of colour plus detailing.

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