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    Maff Sparkes

    So, 18th Imagi-nations. Once again I am vaguely tempted in a fit of post Poldark; there are pretty constant references to the American War, the Revolutionary Wars and later the Napoleonic. For me it’s set in a vague 1780s/90s with pre shako uniforms.

    Last year I developed a very small collection of AWI British with various Hessians, Queens Rangers and Dragoons. I even painted some nervous militia as musket armed rioters from the pasty mines. Didn’t do anything with them. Will this year be any different?

    I should add that my British apart, none of the above had historical uniforms……


    You don’t mention what scale you’re working in, or what rules you’re using. The Song of Drums series might do well for lowest-level heroic skirmishing. I play Song of Drums and Tomahawks on the North American frontier, but Song of Drums and Shakos, which I haven’t personally tried, might work better for you, since you won’t need rules for Indians and might want rules for horsemen.

    If you’re collecting 28mm figures, I can recommend a few. The West Wind Legend of Sleepy Hollow series are sculpted straight from the movie costuming, which is set in post-Revolutionary upstate New York. I own these figures, though I haven’t painted them yet, and they’re robust 28mm figs with good detail and proportion. The Sleepy Hollow Militia pack is especially good; these guys look like armed bumpkins who *aren’t* from the frontier and don’t drill very often, they look awkward and nervous.


    Blue Moon has one Sleepy Hollow pack and one of Colonial American Villagers, both of which have some figures that could be useful, mostly unarmed civilians. I don’t own these sets. In my experience, Blue Moon tend to be especially tall 28mm figures, a bit on the lanky side for their height:



    All of the above are available from Old Glory. Best regards and good gaming.





    You'll shoot your eye out, kid!

    Ivan Sorensen

    I seem to recall significant amounts of 1/72 plastic toys around for this sort of thing too.

    I’ve had the urge to run some sort of imaginary black powder world for a long time, but never figured out if I wanted to make it skirmish and character driven or about big armies.

    Nordic Weasel Games

    Howard Whitehouse

    Note that the leading characters must be devilishly handsome, while everyone is a grime-encrusted yokel.

    I do all my own stunts.

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