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    PolderCon is a unique wargame event almost completely about playing – and being busy with war games: trying out new rules, re-experiencing old ones, painting, building and of course catching up with old friends, making new ones, getting inspired and most of all enjoying our fantastic hobby!

    On Sunday february 7th 2016 dozens of games and workshops will take place at the Nederland Denksportcentrum in Utrecht, NL.

    The entry fee is € 18,50. For this you can participate in a maximum of 4 activities. Lunch is included in the fee.

    If and when you subscribe and pay in time, upon confirmation your place in games and/or workshops of your choice will be certain. But seats are limited and full is full!

    If your choice proves no longer possible because it has already been fully booked we will of course notify you so you can alter your preferences.

    So no wandering around full tables looking for something to do!

    Your confirmation email is also your entry ticket for the day.

    Can’t imagine it yet? See here what PolderCon 2015 had to offer:
    PolderCon Video

    The complete program for PolderCon 2016 can be found here: :

    How does it work?

    Send an email to [email protected] containing your name and the games and/or workshops you want to participate in.

    You can make up to 4 choices, one for every time slot in the program.

    Emailing to [email protected] is the ONLY way to subscribe!!!!!

    We will send you a confirmation email. This will mention the entree fee, payment info and the games and workshops of your choice.

    As soon as your payment has been received your subscription will be final and you will be booked for the games and/or workshops of your choice. Don’t wait too long, because there are only so many places available!!


    See you at PolderCon!


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