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    NEW NEW NEW!!!  Mo’s kitbash workshop!

    Of course you can build your models straight out of the box, chuck away anything you don’t need and start gaming, BUTTT……you can also unleash your inner hobby beast and start KITBASHING!!! What is kitbashing?

    KITBASHING is GREAT! You take as many parts as possible (weapons, gear, skeletons and whatever) and build a glorious model out of them. Most finished kits leave you with buckets of bitz or you can purposely collect bitz to build specific projects.

    To get some idea Google Blanchitzu or check out the Ordos Majoris Hollandica Facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1639413216299694/

    Mo has been a Warhammer and Lord of the Rings fan since the 80ies and especially kitbashing and converting is a passion of mine. He has recently been smitten by FROSTGRAVE and the kitbash workshop will be dedicated mainly to building models for this game.

    What do you need?

    Get some:
    -(if available) craft knife and plastic glue; there’s no bashing like with yer own stuff!
    -idea of what you want to build.
    – (if available) bitz of your own. Don’t have any? No problem as there will be enough to muck about with.

    With this you will get:

    – 1,5 hours of crazy kitbashing
    – enough bitz to build at least one badass 28mm model
    – Fantasy or Sci-Fi, but feel free to bring historical stuff
    – no extra charge for visitors of PolderCon!!!

    Don’t wait too long. Space is limited!
    PolderCon reaches Germany!

    Gerard “Styrofoam Wizard” Boom generates publicity for us on Tabletop Basement TV!


    From minute 19 onwards!

    Still some seats left at the boardgames!

    Not satisfied with “just” tabletop wargames PolderCon also features two wicked miniature boardgames at PolderCon: Shadows of Brimstone and Descent!

    Register for PolderCon and book your seta sfor these tow terrific games while you still can!

    The complete program for PolderCon 2016 can be found here: :

    For any questions and remarks please mail to [email protected].

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