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    Roger Rouse

    Sorry if this has come up before, but can anyone point me to a manufacturer other than Essex minis that makes 28mm Polish Winged Hussar figures.



    These any good?

    Roger Rouse

    OK, found them, thanks for that Mike.

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    Guy Farrish

    Old Glory (UK)


    both do ranges (both in inconvenient amounts from memory but they do them)

    Irregular do some as well -different style but individuals available.

    Redoubt has a small selection (the wings are on the horses not the figures so don’t be confused when looking at the catalogue- the hussars are not listed as ‘winged’ but you need the eastern horses with notches for wings)

    I think Hinchliffe models have some (Hinds now) and Minifigs have one.

    Nick Turner

    Foundry, Warlord and The Assault Group all do splendid chaps

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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