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    Avatar photoSteven Francis

    Any advice on posting pictures? I keep trying to upload images that are under 1mb but the site rejects them… Sure it is something I am doing wrong…

    Any help?

    Avatar photoNorm S

    Steve, to put up a photo, I have the photo uploaded elsewhere, say on my blog, I right click on the picture to get a web address and then I paste that link into the ‘SOURCE’ box that you get when you click above on the photo album.

    Don’t know how it works, but I think for bandwidth reasons, this site only uses links to other hosts, rather than hosting the image within its own band allowance.

    Avatar photoShaun Travers

    Yesterday, for the first time, I uploaded images to a post.  For every other post ever, I have linked to an image!   I did not even know there was an option to upload photos until I checked yesterday as the photos were on my computer and did not want to go to the trouble of uploading them to a web accessible site. There were three photos about 120Kb each.  There is a short video on how to do it.  But you are probably already doing an upload that way as it is TWW that is rejecting them, so I don’t know what the issue is 🙁  I did notice I did have to wait for them to be uploaded in the dialog box or they did not appear in the draft post – it took a few seconds for 120Kb.



    Avatar photoMike

    what format are they?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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