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    Ivan Sorensen

    Alright so they are just preferences, no need to dig trenches guys 🙂

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    Let’s not go too far down the path of gamers with visual disabilities. Speaking as a person with a whole host of vision issues which has considerably affected my lifestyle and my hobbies–including an absence of depth perception–I would feel quite patronized if allowances were made for my eyesight. If the rules call for  range estimation and the group finds it an appropriate mechanism for the game, play on! Any adaptation I have to make to play a miniatures game is nothing considering the adaptation to everyday life I have already made. Humans are nothing if not adaptable.

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    Phil Dutré

    This argument presupposes that miniature gaming can primarily only ever be a game of skill, not one of storytelling like, say, a pen-and-paper RPG.

    I totally agree with you. I am also firmly in the “let’s create a narrative” camp. Hence also my preference for not allowing pre-measurement. I just wanted to point out that some arguments in fvour of pre-measurements are not always consistent with how we look at other mechanics.

    But even though the focus is on narrative, you still need a set of rules and principles shared by all players.

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    We allow both but only when a few specific players are not involved in the game (Sins of the past and all that).

    Howard Whitehouse

    I actually don’t care either way, as long as I feel I am playing with someone who isn’t trying to manipulate the rules in a cheesy or games-lawyering way.

    I used to know a man who had measured his arm, elbow to finger tip. Then he’d, ahem, ‘casually ‘ lean on the table to assist his next estimate.  It shouldn’t have come as a surprise when he turned out to be completely unreliable in real life.

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Viewing 5 posts - 41 through 45 (of 45 total)
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