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    Mr. Average

    So I make no bones about how little I like making terrain, but I’m trying to learn. I want to build a model town – just a road with some buildings clinging to it. It’s 3mm scale, and the buildings are all from Brigade, but for some reason I can’t work out in my mind what the process is. Like, lay down flock first and then put the road and such on top? Or the buildings and try to lay the glue and flock around them? Seriously this is all opaque to me. Anyone care to give of their wisdom?

    Angel Barracks

    I plan mine.
    These are my thought processes.

    Old cities tend to have a centre that is higgledy piggedly and awkward to move around.
    As cities grow, their early design proves inadequate for the modern heavy traffic and influx of people.
    So the centre will either be pedestrianised or re-deveopled.

    If the city is new then you can avoid this.
    It will need to have structure.
    To keep it simple make it squares with roads in a simple grid pattern.
    Each grid should have houses.
    Maybe have one grid that is the shopping area.
    A grid with a park/recreation.
    Every few grids need services like police, fire, schools etc that support the adjacent grids.
    Power plant or maybe the houses have solar?
    Sort out the planning first.

    I would get plasticard squares and score some simple pavement area on the edges.
    Then inside on the rest of the square I would place the buildings.
    Do this for all the squares you want to develop.

    Then get a great big sheet of sandpaper or something that looks like tarmac and plop the squares ontop.
    Then you will have a road that is lower than the pavement and built up areas.
    Then paint the road markings on.

    Something like that anyway, getting late here and I am tired.
    Hope that makes sense?

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