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    Well after finishing the ships it would be rude after doing a High Seas Fleet Review not to return the complement to the Royal Navy and do a Grand Fleet Review.


    So here in glorious technicolour for your delectation is all 151 ships of the British Fleet which took part in the mighty battle.


    The Battle Line is just over 12 ft long when set out, putting the ships out on the table has given us some food for thought for both the Static display and our refights. There are a couple of shots at the end of the post with all 250 ships on my 12 x 6 table, there’s not a lot of room to manoeuvre.


    The post is picture Heavy so if you like looking at ship models your in for a treat 🙂


    This is the final post of the build / paint phase of the project (thank God I hear you say !) so let me take the opportunity to thank all of you who have followed the Project, your kind comments and encouragement have helped keep me going.


    Regards Ken

    The Yarkshire Gamer



    Wowzer !!!! Back in the late 70’s we played Cordite and Steel in 1/2400  on a Basketball court and still needed more room!!!

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    Excellent stuff Ken, back in the days when we had a fleet.


    So impressive. I applaud your efforts. Seeing the models all together certainly underlines what a magnificent force the Grand Fleet was.


    BTW I will be going to Scapa Flow next year. So although I won’t get the chance to see the Grand Fleet in reality, I won’t be too far from some of the High Sees Fleet 87).




    Great stuff.  One heck of a project!

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