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    While I’m on here I just as well start this. Back along I started building some internal scenery, a facility. Well, its just about done. I completely redone the game board. Having used the first as a prototype and using much inspiration from this forum. The fluff has been kept more or less the same; with a few differences.

    With the story in the form of fluff I’ve decided to tell it as I’m showing the scenery room by room. As before will play a little game as we go along. The game will follow the adventures of a small RDF squad who are roaming around the game board. Trying to solve problems, while finding a way out and defeating foes. I’ll show a room at a time and see if you can spot what the RDF need to do next. For example, some foes can be defeated with fire, instead of shooting. If the squad has pick up a flame thrower from the previous room for example. But interesting to see if anyone would remember that. So a test of memory and remembering what they are carrying might help.

    So this will be a good way to do it, show it room by room over time. And do in a different more fun and interactive format. It’ll give me a bit of time to prepare the next lot of pics and fluff. While I wait for any replies. Also, keep an eye out for Angel Barracks character models. As this is very much character based. I’ve kept the AB names so should be easier to spot.
    So stay tuned……

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    Angel Barracks

    I’ll bring the beer and potato chips.

    If you like small scale skirmish, check out http://planetares6.blogspot.be/?m=0


    OK, first off meet your squad and see if you can spot what decision has to be made.

    Lt Dwight McCallum – squad commander
    Tpr Pete Woods – squad tech operative
    Cpl Tasha Daniels – squad driver/medic

    Woods is a whiz at IT. He can hack computer terminals, Personal data Assist (PDAs), doors which are electrically locked. You name it, Woods can hack it. You will not only find info and fluff about the story, but also clues on how to defeat foes, overcome problems and move on to the next room ect…All from hacking stuff.

    Daniels is the squad medic. She can utilize medical kits and treat casualties. Computers aren’t the only source of info. As you go your squad will encounter other characters who will talk.

    McCallum is the main man, the top dog. It’s worth keeping an eye on what he picks up. And remembering what he is carrying.

    So step into the shoes of Lt McCallum and see if you can work out what is happening. Hope it’s clear enough. Enjoy.

    Prologue – Project Stratosphere

    “Kraig rubs his eyes and tries to focus. No matter what he did he could not get the laser scalpel to work.

    ‘Arrrh!……I CAN’T DO IT’ he shouts.

    Fay Davies a young assistant walks over to him.

    ‘OK, OK, take it easy, maybe you should go sick. You’re not the only one’. she says.

    Kraig sits there motionless, just starring ahead.

    ‘ Are you listening Kraig?’….’I said maybe you shoooooo……’

    The laser scalpel cuts through the young assistant’s skull with ease. Kraig continues to stare ahead, motionless, still with his arm still outstretched as the dead assistant hits the floor.

    Dr Hess looks up at the foreboding sight of the D generation and gives a sigh. He sighs a second time and sometimes wishes he was never facility director. Let alone project manager, it seems right from the word go project Stratosphere has been cursed. He got on the intercom to security.
    Joseph, as soon as that courier arrives with the package, tell me. We’re having problems with the D-generation
    Will do Doctor Hess

    Sir Timothy smiles to himself puffing on his ivory lidded pipe.

    ‘You know what this derelict site used to be?’ he says, glancing sideways at Trooper Woods, who smiles but says nothing.

    ‘A core re-sequencing station, Mars died because the core solidified. No magnetic field which meant Mars couldn’t keep its atmosphere. Right’. He jabs the young trooper and continues. ‘How do you restart a core?, well you drill down and bombard the core with anti-matter and that is core re-sequencing. That’s what this place was, you know before the accident. Since then its been a hot bed of skirmishes, used by smuggles, arms dealers; revival factions over the years’.

    He frowns, knowing he’s not getting much conversation out of the RDF Trooper, he turns his attention else where.

    He stretches his neck towards the back of his trusty old converted WW3 Osa missile carrier.

    ‘Haven’t you got anything better to do?’

    McCallum sticks his head out of the back. ‘What is it you said that you were doing here again?’

    ‘I told you, exploring’. He relied.

    ‘Poaching Jurapeds more like’.

    Sir Timothy pulls a hurt expression. ‘Found any evidence to back that up?’

    ‘Thought as much, well gentlemen, its been a pleasure. If you’ll like to excuse me I’m rather busy’.

    With that he climbed into his Osa and was gone.

    ‘Sir, take a look at this’ Cpl Daniels voice comes over McCallum’s ear piece

    Both men make their way over to Daniels.
    ‘An entrance to a subterranean bunker of some sort, what was this place again?’ said Daniels.

    ‘This place is an old core re-sequencing station. This whole area will be full of abandoned underground rooms and tunnels. It was a hot bed of skirmishes back in the day’ Replies Woods.

    ‘How do you know so much about it?’ snaps Daniels
    ‘Yeah, but its too new looking, been used recently and has power too’

    ‘Something not right, this isn’t abandoned’. Says McCallum.

    Woods needed no invite, he immediately had his laptop hooked up and called the elevator platform
    Within moments the RDF were on the way down into the unknown.

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    Angel Barracks

    oooooh nice.
    Did you do the decals yourself and what is on the front of the Pathfinder?


    Yup, the decals are done with my own fair hands. The usual shnaniginns, I took images off the net, copied and pasted. Then printed on decal paper and sealed before use.

    The image on the Pathfinder is my RDFs Mars logo.

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