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    The platform hits the bottom and the squad finds themselves in some kind of gate room. With what appears to be a small structure and a Nelson force fence, there’s nobody around. What is this place?McCallum quickly takes in the HMG gun to the left. Taking no chances the squad move around to the right out of its LOS. McCallum give Woods a bunk up and he looks through the narrow window into the small room.

    ‘It is some sort of control room, it appears empty. Probably a security room with what looks like a mezzanine level, we need to get in there’. Comments Woods. McCallum thinks and decides to bunk over the HMG gun since the wall is low and the gun seems offline.

    Woods checks the door which is electrically locked. He connects his laptop, plays about for a second or two. Then nods to indicate the door is now open. They take up position to the side of the door, McCallum hits the open button. As soon as the door opens small arm shots ring out through the open door.

    Woods and Daniels hold fast waiting for McCallum’s order.

    Ideas anyone? Maybe use lethal force? And go in shooting. Or maybe use a stun grenade? Shouldn’t be too hard to incapacitate the shooter. Or maybe something else?


    McCallum throws in a stun grenade and as soon as it goes off they enter the room. They find a dazed security guard slumped in the corner. McCallum orders Daniels to drag him outside and guard him. While Woods gets to work on the computer. He find the following information.

    There are a number of files, each marked as follows.

    Bio-Tech Industries”, he clicks on it……

    Welcome to Bio-Tech Industries. We are the main driving force behind a lot of Mars’s ecosystem and in creating living organisms from bacteria, plants and grass to animals. All of which can be found in the more terraformed parts of Mars. Flak Worms, Razor Hounds, Jurapeds and drill worms have all been successfully integrated into Mar’s ecosystem. Also to date over ten thousand strands of bacteria have been integrated. Giving rise to higher PH soil allowing the possibility of farming……..

    Yeah, blah, blah, blah...we all know about Bio-Tech he clicks on the next folder marked facility “induction”………

    This is a level Alpha security facility; all visitors are to report to site security to be issued the correct pass. It is vitally important that all visitors adhere to security protocol at all times…

    ‘Yeah whatever` he continues looking and opens a file marked “<strong>site map</strong>”

    ‘This is interesting` remarks McCallum…..’this facility is some sort of laboratory, consisting of several areas’.

    ‘Well it was a core re-sequencing station’. Says Woods

    The map shows the layout and what the facility consists of;

    <u>Level 1 _Labs & Engineering</u>

    Security control


    Store room

    Pathogen lab

    Microbiology lab


    Reactor room


    D-generation lab

    Woods clicks on the last folder marked “security”. It appears this facility is in some sort of lock down. All doors are electronically locked, which you need a pass for, but the real bad news He continues …That lift platform we came down on. Can only be operated from the surface. Until the containment status is lifted

    Ok, do it. Lift the containment

    Can’t do it from here sir, there must be another terminal to do that. But I can unlock the doors, well some of them anyway. There’s a few that have a higher level seal on them, makes them harder to hack

    McCallum searches the room, finds little except for a small package, Marked Dr Hess. McCallum takes it.

    Ok that’s go, find out what this place is and find a way to get that lift working………

    McCallum orders Daniels to stay with the still dazed security guard. While him and Woods check out the tube.

    ‘Could be a way out’ He remarks.


    The two men make their way out of the gate room and along the corridor to the tube. Woods hooks up his computer and within seconds has the door unlocked. They enter the tube platform and survey the surroundings.

    ‘Where do these trains go?’ Asks McCallum.

    Woods opens his laptop and accesses BioTech’s main frame again. ‘According to this the second part of the complex. Living quarters, canteen ect….Not a way out’.

    ‘Okay, lets check out the far room….what is it? A store room?’

    Woods nods and both men move to check out the room.

    They find little of interest except for a small hand held frame thrower. McCallum wonders what use it has. The fuel tank is small, giving the unit a very short burst of flame before it’s empty. Not to mention the limited range. However, given the fact that the squad is so lightly armed McCallum takes it. He opens a container and pulls out what appears to be a small electronic device. It has personal pulse emitter (PPE) marked on it. He takes them all and looks at one of the security bots and taps it. Him and Woods exchange glances, both wondering why one is missing.

    They then exit the store room.


    Okay peeps, hope you’re all enjoying so far. The next bit will see McCallum and Woods back in the gate room. Where they find the securiy guard on his feet. A good chance to ask some questions. So…..any ideas on what is going on? Hope you can remember what McCallum is carrying. As things will start to get very interesting……so stay tuned.

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    Angel Barracks

    Cool beans, sorry for not chiming in sooner.
    Do like the idea of the trains being underground, not sure about those bots though…

    Angel Barracks

    Oh and nice work on the coloured pathways on the floors.
    Nice touch, lots of nice touches in fact.


    So what is this wonderful grid stuff? I need to put it on my Christmas list.


    I got that idea from here. Granny grating, it’s that stuff they use for needle work. Plastic canvas, eBay is a good place to get it. They do different grades, I’ve used a tighter grid pattern later on.


    So what is this wonderful grid stuff? I need to put it on my Christmas list.

    Search ‘plastic needlework canvas’ and you will find it.


    McCallum quizzed the guard on the situation, what is happening and his name. He simply stated his name is Joseph. Seemed reluctant to talk more.“Okay, you’re coming with us, we’re going to check the other rooms. Then take a little ride on the tube to the rest of the complex”

    “No…..not a good idea” Replies Joseph. The team looks at him, waiting for him to explain. “People became sick……..Most are sealed in that part of the complex…..You can’t anything for them….It’s a tomb”.

    McCallum pauses for a moment, then orders a search of the remaining rooms. In the hope that a solution to the situation presents itself.

    They stop in part of the corridor outside two room. The Pathogen laboratory and Microbiology laboratory. McCallum orders Daniels to stay outside with Joseph. While him and Woods search the Micro lab first

    “What the hell are they doing” Asks Woods, peering into some kind of incubator.

    “Pay attention and finish securing the room” Snaps McCallum.

    They make their way down to the end. “Clear” says Woods

    “Okay room secure”Says McCallum over the radio.

    “Copy that” Comes Daniels voice.

    They get to work searching the room. Woods finds what appears to be a field medical kit of some sort.

    McCallum reads the label….

    Advanced battlefield trauma pack – HRm1
    The HRm1 trauma pack is capable of treating serious and near fatal injuries. Equipped with GX gel, once applied to the casualty has the ability to immediately revitalise cellular function. Will stem bleeding, repair cell, bone and tissue damage. Will regenerate the casualty within moments. Effective for all manner of injuries including high velocity gunshot wounds, burns and head trauma

    Um…interesting he thinks and puts it in his pocket.

    “Sir” Woods turns his laptop so McCallum can see. “I’ve managed to access more of BioTec’s system. Some emails from what appears to be from people who worked here. This ones interesting.

    From Tyler; D-Gen Lab
    Sorry Dr Hess but we’ve had an incident in the Pathogen lab. I’m sorry to inform you that Kraig has become Stricken. We’ve cleared the room and sealed him in. Shall I call Joseph to send in a security team?

    From Dr Hess; facility director
    No, firearms are too messy. There is a lot of sensitive equipment in there, I don’t want damage. Send in a Muncher instead. But don’t forget to take a PPE from the store room. We don’t want anyone getting eaten along the way.

    Both men exchange glances, “What the hell is a Muncher? It seems that Joseph knows more then what he’s letting on”. McCallum pulls out one of the PPE’s he had it his pocket and looks at it.

    “I would like to find this Hess” he remarks

    “Sir, Joseph said that most people are sealed in the living quarters. That they are ill, Stricken do you think?”

    “Stricken happens when people are attacked by Drill Worms. They are introduced for the ecosystem here on Mars by BioTec. All above board, but I don’t see any Drill Worms around here, do you?”

    Woods shakes his head.

    “More questions then answers sir”





    They exit room back into the corridor. And repeat the process for securing the Path lab.

    They enter the room and as Woods moves forward. He stops as something catches his eye in the incubator.

    “What the hell is that?”

    McCallum was just about to tell him to focus on securing the room. When a bare chested figure lunges out from behind the incubator. He swipes at Woods with a club which catches him on the side of the head. Causing him to stagger sideways.

    The figure stops and stares at McCallum, he’s covered in blood and there doesn’t seem to be any intelligence his eyes. McCallum quickly runs though a few options.

    1. Shoot him, however these rounds will clearly pass through him and Woods could get hit too.
    2. Rev up the chainnet and take him close quarters.
    3. Stun grenade.
    4. Other?

    To be continued…..

    Feel free to come up with options which could help defeat this foe. As I haven’t as yet.

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    Fun concept. Great classic horror sci-fi feel. Also some cool ideas for terrain/scenery that I’ll be wanting to emulate.

    I’m not sure what a “chainnet” is (something like a chainsaw or chainsword?) but I suppose I’m with Mike on this one, go with 2. It’s too soon to be expending the flamethrower, and I have to presume this enemy is “Kraig”, not one of the “munchers” that the PPEs are supposed to work on.


    Chainnet = chainsaw bayonet on the RDF rifles.

    Now put that puppy to the test!

    I agree with the others, go with option 2.

    Btw.  am I flipping my lid or did you start something similar once before, I think on the old AB forum yes?

    If you like small scale skirmish, check out http://planetares6.blogspot.be/?m=0

    Angel Barracks

    He did do this before yes.
    And technically it is a Chayonet, but at the end of the day who cares?

    REV it up.


    It’s too soon to be expending the flamethrower, and I have to presume this enemy is “Kraig”, not one of the “munchers” that the PPEs are supposed to work on.

    You presume right, it is Kraig, well done. Also well done for remembering what the PPEs are for. It will be interesting to see if you work out HOW to use them.

    Btw. am I flipping my lid or did you start something similar once before, I think on the old AB forum yes?

    Yes, I started this scenario/game just before Mike closed that forum. I’ve reworked it a little, including completely redoing the game board.

    Right then, better get writing.

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    Yes, I started this scenario/game just before Mike closed that forum. I’ve reworked it a little, including completely redoing the game board.

    Cool, liked it then, like it even more now.

    Also,love what you’ve done with the place.

    If you like small scale skirmish, check out http://planetares6.blogspot.be/?m=0


    McCallum pushes the start button and the Chayonet purrs to life just as Kraig lunges. The attack was swift and violent. As McCallum blocks the incoming attack with his rifle. The Chayonet catches Kraig under the chin and cuts his jaw in two hales, smashing the roof of his mouth and splitting his nose. McCallum hits him hard with the butt and Kraig is send smashing into the incubator. As soon as he hits the floor, he’s back on his feet. Appearing not to notice his smashed face. As he goes to lunge again a burst of gun fire erupts for McCallum’s rifle, hitting him square in the chest. This time kraig stays down and doesn’t move.

    Daniels enters the room and McCallum gets her to check Woods. As she applies first aid, he continues securing the room.

    “He’s received a bad head wound” She says. “I’m not sure I can do anything, he’s dying”.

    McCallum looks at Joseph, who is standing by the door starring at the bloody mess of Kraig.

    “Is that Kraig?”, he weakly asks.

    “Its about time you told me what is going on”

    He remains silent.

    “I’ve done all I can” Says Daniels, shaking her head.

    Joseph looks over and comments about the advanced battlefield trauma pack – HRm1.

    “You mean this?” McCallum pulls it from his pocket and passes it to Daniels.

    She opens it, pulls out a syringe and looks into its clear tube. There seems to be a liquid inside. Its seems to be moving, like its alive.

    “You want me to use this?” she says.

    “I’m telling you, it will sort him. He’ll be back on his feet in no time. That liquid will revitalise his cellular function”. Says Joseph.

    Seeing no other option, McCallum nods and Daniels injects the liquid.

    While they wait McCallum looks at Wood’s laptop. It seems he’s been hacking his way through more of Bio-Tech’s system. He reads so more emails, most are mundane but a few stand out.

    From Dr Hess; Project Stratosphere Director
    I’m sorry to inform you that we are still having major problems with the D-gen. It’s not excepting its sub routines. We’re tried to pull the plug but have been unsuccessful. If it comes out of hibernation we will have no way of controlling it.
    From Zachary Zale, CEO Bio-Tech
    Dr Hess, I’m very disappointed with your inability to contain this station. I’m sure I don’t have to remind you of what’s at stake. Especially, if the RDF get wind of all this, I don’t want them knocking on my door. Maybe I should find another facility director?
    Our IT engineers have developed a computer virus. Once it is uploaded it should wipe all D-Gen data. Without effecting any other systems. I’ll send a courier to deliver it on a flash drive. In the mean time I will put Colonel Rain and his men on standby.

    “Who’s Colonel Rain?” Asks McCallum.

    Joseph looks a little uneasy. “Bio-Tech employs a private security force called Executive Solutions (ExSol). Colonel Rain is their leader and he is not a moral man, very ruthless and should never be underestimated. The main goal of these units are to keep a lid on the activities of any……er…..emergency situations.”

    “Sir” comes Daniels voice. McCallum looks over and sees Woods sitting up and rubbing the side of her head.

    “What happened?”

    “How are you feeling?”

    “One hell of a headache, but I’m okay”. He’s says, climbing to his feet.

    McCallum exchanges glances with Daniels and turns to Joseph.

    “Right, other than the lift platform is there another way out?”

    Joseph shakes his head.

    “Forget the tube, it only goes to the living quarters and full of stricken. The only way is to access the computer from the D-Gen lab and lift the containment. The platform can be called from the surface and to go down but  will not go up during containment. But I don’t have that security level. It requires a senior member of staff…………wait……Dr Hess can, he might still be alive. He was in Bio-Holding when all this started”.

    “Okay, we’ll check Bio-Holding on the way to the D-Gen lab. If no joy it’ll be up to you to hack the computer in there. You feeling up for it Woods?”

    He smiles and nods.

    “Okay lets go”……

    Meanwhile a DRM helicopter circles the compound and puts down and few yards from the subterranean entrance. Colonel Rain pulls a grimace expression at the sight of the PathFinder.

    “That changes nothing, we all know what to do” He scolds, as the team of heavily armed merc’s disembark.

    End of part one…..

    So peeps hope you’re enjoying it so far…So stayed tuned for part two.

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