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    Nathaniel Weber

    I am not a particularly organized gamer but do have general projects in mind as I paint and work on miniatures and games. I am on the cusp of having my very own gaming space and as I get it furnished and shelved I thought I’d write down what I expect my gaming projects to be over the next year or so. Of course these can change if I see a cool new line of minis, and is subject to when I have the desire to paint and work on things.

    My projects—other than the first, which I’m currently working on, these are in no particular order:

    Japanese Age of the Country at War project, 28mm: Paint remaining figures; build and paint remainder of the mountain fort; finish other remaining terrain pieces; figure out rules

    World War II, 20mm: Paint British infantry and remaining armor for British and Germans; prepare late war US infantry; prepare for 20mm Pacific theater

    World War II, 3mm: Organize and paint troops; consider rules in addition to Rommel

    Sci-fi, 6mm: Reorganize, assemble, and paint—probably playing with Squad Hammer variants

    Scifi, 28mm: Finish painting Kryomek and opponents

    Vietnam, 20mm: Build fire base

    Colonials, 1/72 and 20mm: Finish 1885 Mahdist project; finish Zulu War project

    General: Arid terrain (hills, mountains)


    What about everybody else?  What’s on your long range radar?

    Don Glewwe

    My problem is that ‘making the list’ is so far down the list I never get to it…



    Geof Downton

    My problem is that ‘making the list’ is so far down the list I never get to it…

    Whereas mine is the opposite. I can make lists of what lists I need to make – and find I’ve spent hours (days)  doing nothing except make lists.


    Oh – and I never take any notice of what is on any of these myriad lists, I just do whatever I fancy at the time – or possibly prevaricate…

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    What about everybody else?  What’s on your long range radar?

    Just the 15mm fantasy.

    Tony S

    and find I’ve spent hours (days)  doing nothing except make lists.

    Not me!  I usually make my lists at work, when I’ve got a few spare minutes.    That said, a lot of the time my lists are entirely mental, as sometimes my paper lists grow too long as I remember all the things I’ve got on the go.  They’re also subject to wild changes as something else bright and shiny takes my magpie eye.

    But right now:

    28mm Syracusan/Magna Graecia hoplite armies, enough to face each other or the next lot

    28mm Carthaginians reinforcements.  Elephants!    Both forces are roughly intended to play Clash of Spears, Men of Bronze or To The Strongest.  And hopefully Infamy sometime soon, if the supplement appears.

    28mm TYW Imperialists reinforcements.  For Pikeman’s Lament and For King & Parliament.  If you squint a bit, and leave the Croats in storage, they are early war Parliamentarians.  I cleverly have removable flags, so at least they are accurate!  Maybe someday I’ll paint up some Swedes.  It could happen.

    Things then get hazy, so in order of whatever strikes my fancy…

    15mm WWI/RCW Russians.  For Squarebashing, Trench Hammer or Triumph of the Will

    10mm FPW Prussians.  To face the French, which I already have for 1859, but need to add some Guard in bonnet instead of bearskin.

    In the Greatest of Shames list, I also have some French Napoleonic dragoons that have been half painted for years.  And I am short a couple of command stands for my GNW Russians.  Everything else is done; I just need to pull the finger out and order some spiffy command types.






    Yeah, I started keeping a list years ago.  I eventually broke down projects into 10 “steps”, and keep track of the progress.  Currently, there are 260 “projects” on the list with total work/steps around  52 percent complete for around 25 different periods/genres/settings.  I originally started it to help me keep track of what was done and what wasn’t, but it has been more of a motivational tool over the years. At the end of each year I cross off completed projects, and add new projects through each year.  Some years it gets a little smaller, most years it gets a little bigger.  I posted about it a couple of years back on my blog at:




    It’s all a bit as and when for me.

    Carlist War nearly finished ditto Tai Ping War.  Sikh War 2 more units to go.  Crimean War one more unit for each side to do.  I was on a roll until I was ambushed by an irresistible desire to sort out multiple forces for Comitatus.  Then I decided to refurbish and expand my Punic War collection.  Result, nothing is finished.

    My Montrose project just needs 2 units of horse and one of foot and it’s complete.  I may make a special effort just so I can finally say I got something finished.



    I switch randomly between 6mm sci fi individually based skirmish prep, 6mm Horizon Wars prep, 6mm WW2 miniature painting ready for Battlegroup or Sergeants’ War, or random 28mm fantasy painting to improve my painting skills, and maybe play Song of Blades and Heroes. There is no list per se though.

    I mean today I put together another space ship with junk. That will take a few days to finish. Later this week I will hopefully play a Battlegroup game. I just flit between cool looking stuff.

    Chris Pringle

    For me it’s all about the Hungarian War of Independence 1848-1849 at the moment: half a million men fighting for a year, it’s a seriously big war and seriously neglected. The Hungarian army has lovely uniforms and exotic foreign legions in its ranks – Ralph Weaver’s book is a must-have. The official history of the Winter Campaign is forthcoming from Helion, and the sequel Summer Campaign in preparation.

    Consequently this week I ordered the figures for my Hungarian army. My hard work on that is done (working out what I needed and sending off my order); now I just have to wait for a few months until my excellent painter friend has painted and based them for me. 🙂

    Meanwhile I can work on polishing scenarios for all the battles, of which there were about 15-20 of corps size or above (30,000+). My aim is to fight through the whole campaign next year and then publish a book of the scenarios as a linked campaign.


    Bloody Big BATTLES!



    Yeah, that one caught my eye too.  There’s no shortage of 15mm figures available either.  Currently I’m resisting the urge.



    I have so much stuff that these days I’m at the “bits and pieces” stage. I’ve still got a Baccus ACW army to paint, and one day I’ll standardise all my WW1 stuff on 15mm,  otherwise I’m still mainly experimenting with different formats, approaches and technology for lockdown gaming.

    "Mistakes in the initial deployment cannot be rectified" - Helmuth von Moltke


    To do list:

    1. sell stuff I don’t use.

    2. paint the rest.

    That’s as detailed a plan as I can manage.

    More nonsense on my blog: http://battle77.blogspot.com/

    Mr. Average

    Right now I have it down to five active projects.  THIS WEEK, I have MOSTLY been painting… 3mm Fantasy.  However, I also have 3mm scale 40K using the delightful Vanguard line.  I also have 3mm Moderns, which I am currently re-painting to match up to factions from the old PC game Shattered Union, to be played with FFT3 rules.  And I also have the 3mm scale “Hard” Sci Fi from Microworld, which I’m basing for Dirtside II.  And finally, I have 6mm Fantasy (also Microworld) which I’m painting and basing for Warhammer Fantasy Battle 3rd Edition.

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