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    Watching this:

    Pulp Alley Battle Report — The Jungle Trail

    Left me with a million questions, how does it work?

    Plot Points seem to be cards that other people play to frustrate your move, rather than actual plot points that are scenario objectives?
    I think the scenario objectives here were to capture the natives?

    Movement seemed both measured and freeform..

    Someone help me understand please!


    I too have questions, I have owned Pulp Alley for a while and have added it to my 6×6 Challenge to force myself to learn the rules.

    I have not watched them all, but I am going to start here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJ-lr4xubrA

    Hopefully, some of you experienced Pulp Alley guys can chime in.


    Darkest Star Games

    I’ve only played it once, and that was quite a while ago.  But, as I recall as far as the cards go you start with a couple in your hand which you can play against the other League(s).

    Plot points are items, clues, or people that you need to find/talk to/pick up in order to in effect gain points or advantages in order to win the scenario.  Sometimes the number of plot points gained from one scenario effects the next scenario in line.  When you pick up a Plot Point (in most cases)  you must pass a test (as determined by a card) in order to claim it.  In some games, such as this jungle trail one, you must sort of fight an individual before you can attempt to claim the plot point as it is not a static piece of proof/clue.

    The way they are moving the groups does seem a bit haphazard, but they also looked as though they measured where the figures on the far ends of the group would be, then in-filled the area between with the mooks as the outside figures marked the max move distances.  They may also be really good at gauging distances after playing so much, or are ok with loosey-goosey.

    I may be completely wrong, as I never got to read the rules only have them “taught” to me.  Hopefully the PA peeps will weigh in.

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."


    Hi guys! Thanks for watching the video. I’ll try to answer some of your questions.

    1. Yes, the Plot Points in Pulp Alley may be thought of as the “objectives”.
    2. When you attempt to pass/capture/complete a plot point, then the difficulty of the challenge is determined by the cards. So, when you hear me say, “Here’s the plot point…” and drop a card on the table, what I’m actually meaning is, “Here is the challenge that you must pass to complete this plot point.
    3. Yes, the natives represented the plot points for that particular scenario. Basically, it is a local tradition of the natives to harass and test the skills of the “strangers”.
    4. To be clear, nearly all the moves were actually measured. I simply edit most of it out to make the video shorter.


    I hope that helps and answers some of the other questions as well.





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