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    Here are a few test prints of our new Pulp Alley Second Edition softcover book. Yes, we’re also planning a hardcover version. More to come…



    Pulp Alley


    Looks great and looking forward to this.


    What is different in the new edition?  Will the old supplements still be needed?

    Darkest Star Games

    I second the above: looks great, what’s the diff?

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    The new Second Edition rulebook is designed to replace the old rulebook and our Pulp Leagues book. Other than that, the older books and cards are intended to be used with Second Edition.

    So what’s different? Here’s what I can think of off the top of my head —

    > Added a few new rules relating to character creation to encouraged balance. For example, a character cannot have two abilities that reduce the same skill to 0 dice.

    > Added some new Abilities and updated some old Abilities. For example, Nerves of Steel no longer requires discarding. And some changes are fairly meaningless but have been nagging at me over the years – so Short Blast is now called Short Burst.

    > Added some new Perks and updated some old Perks.

    > For Associates, we added a few new Abilities and added a new rule to make Associates easier to use.

    > Terrors were renamed “Epic Characters”. Otherwise, I think we only updated one Epic Ability.

    > We redefined who is “ready”. This was done to make it easier to identify and to broaden its scope a little.

    > The -1 Shoot penalty for running-and-shooting is now limited to your own activation only. This removes the need for using counters and/or trying to remember it later on.

    > The “normal” way to determine a peril challenge is to draw it from the top of the deck. And we removed the rule for “extreme perils” – so there is one type of peril.

    > Added rules for a “difficult areas” to provide more options and variety. For example, a difficult area is only perilous if you are moving fast.

    > Added rules for “obscuring areas” to add more options for being in cover.

    > Added and expanded rules for conditions – such as impaired, hindered, and exhausted.

    > Updated and clarified rules for Bursts. Normally, a burst takes effect and is then removed – rather than lingering until the end of the turn. In addition we clarified how bursts are placed.

    > Updated Stealth to make it easier to include in scenarios. For example, going into hiding is now an action – instead of a full action.

    > Updated some assets/resources.

    > Updated some of the optional weapons kits.

    I’m sure I missed something but that covers a lot of it.


    Although the Kickstarter is over, the Second Edition rules are now available to pre-order from our webstore — https://store.pulpalley.com/





    Great to see Pulp Alley going strong! Big fan.

    Gone Fishing

    Looking forward to this very much. PA is one of the tightest, most engaging set of rules out on the market.

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