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    Norm S

    Panzer from GMT returns to the table after me spending a year playing a lot of two other tactical systems, so rebooting the rules to memory by running scenario 1 a couple of times.

    I have put up a log post with a ramble about the game and hopefully encouraging anyone sitting on the fence about this system, to have a dabble. this was a system that at some point was converted over to a miniatures game and is now once again in the world of boardgames.


    Darkest Star Games

    Thanks for that post.  It was nice to read about the advance rules bolting on so smoothly and allowing for greater depth of detail.  I think there is a definite need for that sort of thing that a lot of games lack.

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."

    Norm S

    Thank you. Yes, I think the inclusion of the basic rules in this game makes the difference in drawing more players to actually dip their toe in the water, who will then go on and support the series.

    The thing that basic rules should stay away from (in my humble opinion) is teaching the gamer something that then has to have that learning undone when taking on the advanced set.


    Any feel for the infantry rules? I have been looking for a set of rules in which both infantry and armour are given the same respect. I really like the feel of Chain of Command but as I game in 6mm/1:285 that doesn’t work. I am leaning towards Conflict of Heroes but have yet to play the armour rules, which being an adaptation of the infantry rules, may or may not have a good feel to them.

    Personally for anywhere but North Africa I prefer an infantry game with armour support. For NA it will be the opposite.


    Norm S

    Panzer puts tanks at the centre of the game with infantry being the smaller element. For your interests, I would recommend the Lock ‘n Load starter kit, simply because you get enough parts to play a couple of infantry games for around £10 just to see if its the kind of thing you like.

    Here is a link to a post that I did covering the starter set, not it is the old 4.1 version and V5 is now out, though it would matter little, if you could get the 4.1 version even cheaper.


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